Applied Statistics II: Multivariable and Multivariate Techniques

Applied Statistics II: Multivariable and Multivariate Techniques

Rebecca M. Warner?s bestselling Applied Statistics: From Bivariate Through Multivariate Techniques has been split into two volumes for ease of use over a two-course sequence. Applied Statistics II: Multivariable and Multivariate Techniques, Third Edition is a core multivariate statistics text based on chapters from the second half of the original book. The text begins with two new chapters: an introduction to the new statistics, and a chapter on handling outliers and missing values. All chapters on statistical control and multivariable or multivariate analyses from the previous edition are retained (with the moderation chapter heavily revised) and new chapters have been added on structural equation modeling, repeated measures, and on additional statistical techniques. Each chapter includes a complete example, and begins by considering the types of research questions that chapter?s technique can answer, progresses to data screening, and provides screen shots of SPSS menu selections and output, and concludes with sample results sections. By-hand computation is used, where possible, to show how elements of the output are related to each other, and to obtain confidence interval and effect size information when SPSS does not provide this. Datasets are available on the accompanying website.  Bundle and SaveApplied Statistics II + Applied Statistics I: Basic Bivariate Techniques, Third Edition Bundle Volume I and II ISBN: 978-1-0718-1337-9 An R Companion for Applied Statistics II: Multivariable and Multivariate Techniques + Applied Statistics IIBundle ISBN: 978-1-0718-3618-7


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Editorial Reviews


“Combined, these texts provide both simplistic explanations of analyses, and also in-depth exploration of them with examples. Thus, it proves to be a useful resource to beginning statistics students all the way through the dissertation level, and even for faculty conducting research.”

— Karla Hamlen Mansour

“This book presents statistical complexity in a friendly and uncomplicated way with friendly text and plenty of helpful diagrams and tables.”

— Beverley Hale

“Well-written, comprehensive statistics book. A very valuable resource for advanced undergraduate and graduate students.”

— Dan Ispas

“Warner?s textbook is ideal for graduate or advanced undergraduate students providing extensive, yet highly accessible, coverage of important issues in fundamental research design and statistical analysis and newer recommendations in how to conduct statistical analysis and report results ethically. She writes extremely well and my students find her book very readable and useful.”

— Paul F. Tremblay

“Rebecca Warner has made a great book even better with the addition of new chapters covering advanced topics (data screening) and procedures (Structural Equation Modeling). Using the same clear, organized format of earlier editions, Warner provides the reader with the newest and most pertinent topics in the field, along, of course, with the tried and true forms of analysis. The new edition is truly comprehensive, and will well serve the vast majority of undergraduate and graduate students who require a solid introduction to statistical thinking and analysis.”

— Barry Trunk

“The book is well-written and focuses on practical applications of the concepts rather than typical ?textbook? applications. The focus on meaning rather than the mechanics of computation is also a strength.”

— Linda M. Bajdo –This text refers to the paperback edition.

About the Author

Rebecca M. Warner received a B.A. from Carnegie-Mellon University in Social Relations in 1973 and a Ph.D. in Social Psychology from Harvard in 1978. She has taught statistics for more than 25 years: from Introductory and Intermediate Statistics to advanced topics seminars in Multivariate Statistics, Structural Equation Modeling, and Time Series Analysis. She is currently a Full Professor in the Department of Psychology at the University of New Hampshire. She is a Fellow in the Association for Psychological Science and a member of the American Psychological Association, the International Association for Relationships Research, the Society of Experimental Social Psychology, and the Society for Personality and Social Psychology. She has consulted on statistics and data management for the World Health Organization in Geneva and served as a visiting faculty member at Shandong Medical University in China. –This text refers to the paperback edition.

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