Mobility & Flexibility Toolkit

Mobility & Flexibility Toolkit

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Mobility & Flexibility ToolkitMobility & Flexibility Toolkit

There Is More Than One Type Of Flexibility

The concept of flexibility has been destroyed. In an attempt to simplify and isolate, most have lost the many forms of flexibility from static to dynamic and passive to active.

The Mobility & Flexibility Toolkit is for anyone who wants to truly understand how to increase range of motion. We cover the entire passive to active spectrum in order to be able to actively control our joints through full range – but do so easily with little need to warmup. Our goal is to have full control of our range of motion immediately upon waking up in the morning. The way it should be.

In its most basic form flexibility is defined as “the quality of bending easily without breaking”. This requires a range of tools to build strength, motor control and resilience throughout our body. Don’t expect endless foam rolling, purely passive work, mobility flows or other short term increases in range. We are here for the long term, and only use the most potent tools for the job.

If you do it right, you’ll only have to do it once.

The Mobility & Flexibility Toolkit Structure

Foundational Principles

  • How you should set measurable goals with a step by step plan.
  • How to quantify progress and accurately track your flexibility improvements session by session.
  • Learn what stimulus works best for you and what doesn’t.
  • Understand how to accurately read your programs: reps, sets, tempo, rest and more.

Individual Assessment

  • Learn how to conduct a comprehensive assessment on yourself, determining your individual weak links.
  • You will measure joint angles on your assessment photos and discover what is holding you back.
  • Find out where and how you should focus your training efforts.

Phase 1 Program Design

  • Individualise your first training program based directly on your assessment results.
  • Learn why you should start training differently to someone else with the same goal.
  • How often to train and when to incorporate mobility & flexibility training into your routine.

Flexibility Methods

  • Gain an understanding of the full spectrum of passive to active flexibility, and everything in between.
  • Learn the many facets of mobility & flexibility training: active, passive, dynamic, ballistic, isometric, PNF, PIR and more.
  • How to get strong and gain full control throughout your range of motion.
  • What you should do to break plateaus in training and keep progressing session to session.
  • When to add weight and when to “progressively underload”.

How To Write Your Own Programs

  • How to choose the order of exercises, tempo, TUT, reps, sets & rest.
  • How to write your own programs and keep progressing indefinitely.
  • Use our unique, first of its kind, drill matrix for each skill to easily create as many individualised and targeted training programs as you need.
  • Learn how to manage for volume, recovery and more.

Recovery & Extras

  • Student case studies.
  • How to address knee pain.
  • Fixing left/right imbalances.
  • What’s the best equipment to use for your budget.

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