Amanda Latona – The Amanda Latona Resolution

Amanda Latona – The Amanda Latona Resolution

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Amanda Latona - The Amanda Latona ResolutionAmanda Latona – The Amanda Latona Resolution

Is this your year to get into the best shape ever? Then the Amanda Latona Resolution is for you! Amanda has created the ultimate New Year’s Resolution Program, complete with a 14-day Holiday Survival Guide to help you stay fit and healthy during this busy time, and 60 days of comprehensive training, recipes and meal programming that will take you into the new year and beyond. Getting healthy has never been easier with Coach Amanda.

With the turnover of a new year inevitably comes a resolution and, for many people, this means a determination to get fit. But what if we told you that you could start today — right now — and set yourself up for success even before 2018 rolls around?

This is exactly the purpose of The Amanda Latona Resolution. “This program came about because of my personal experience with the holidays,” says the former IFBB Bikini pro and owner of BootyQueen Apparel. “The holidays were my offseason, and I would throw caution to the wind and eat anything and everything in sight. But then I would start the new year with this negativity, this guilt about how I had let myself go and the weight I had gained and the progress I had lost by being careless with my health.”

To help you avoid the pitfalls she experienced, Amanda created this exclusive two-part program that you can start RIGHT NOW to sail through the holidays weight-gain-free and get in the best shape of your life.

Part 1: The 14-Day Holiday Survival Guide
If you’re like most people, the holidays mean parties and treats and libations, which you simply cannot resist. To help you cruise through this challenging time of year, Amanda devised a 14-Day Holiday Survival Guide based on her own experiences. Here, she offers insider tips, tricks and mental exercises to help you maintain your level of fitness and build a foundation of healthy habits even before the new year begins. Amanda shares her own healthy recipes, and she has designed several do-anywhere workouts to keep you from gaining weight during this often-challenging time. Armed with a positive mental outlook, you can stave off excess weight gain and begin the year with a fresh, energetic perspective.

Part 2: The Amanda Latona 60-Day Training and Nutrition Program
Once you’ve successfully survived the holidays, it’s time to get to work! Amanda’s 60-Day Training and Nutrition Program is all but guaranteed to kick-start your year in a healthy way, forging long-lasting habits of clean eating and exercise that you will be able to maintain all year long. The workouts use minimal equipment and can literally be done anywhere — at home, in the gym or in a hotel — and all the moves are scalable, so anyone at any level of fitness can participate.

Moreover, this plan has no deadline. Unlike Amanda’s first program The Ultimate Oxygen Challenge, which had a 90-day time limit, this 60-Day Training and Nutrition Program is evergreen. This means that even after you’ve completed all 60 days, you can start again on Day One, perhaps even moving up a level in difficulty to continue training and improving your health and your physique for as long as you like.

So go ahead — make that resolution and let Amanda coach you to success!

When you sign up, you’ll get the following:

A 14-Day Holiday Survival Guide with:

  • 6 Fun Holiday Workouts to Burn Calories and Keep Stress at Bay
  • Healthy Holiday Recipes — Including Dessert and Cocktails
  • A Party Cheat Sheet

A 60-Day Training and Nutrition Program with:

  • 60 Days of Do-Anywhere Workouts
  • Scalable Exercise Options for Anyone at Any Level — No Gym Required
  • Exclusive Training and Nutrition Tips
  • Motivational and Inspirational Strategies
  • Weekly Workout Charts
  • A Complete Grocery List
  • Two Sample Meal Plans
  • Much, Much More!

The Workout:


Amanda Latona has designed six quick, do-anywhere workouts that will prevent holiday weight gain while also serving to burn off stress — something that builds up as the holidays progress. The only tool you’ll need is a resistance band, which you can pack in a suitcase and take with you wherever your travels lead to get your sweat on. Other than that, your bodyweight serves as resistance.

These workouts are quick, fat burning and easy to follow, and they can be done while the turkey is cooking or while you’re waiting for “Santa” to finish putting together that Flexible Flyer!


With 14 days of exercise already under your belt, you’re more than ready to start the new year with a bang.

Amanda has carefully crafted a 60-day progressive program that will help you lose weight, feel great and establish a habit of exercise that will last a lifetime. She created 16 unique workouts — eight for upper body and eight for lower body — with exercises that are scalable for anyone at any level of fitness — whether you’re an absolute beginner or a seasoned athlete. Best of all, you only need some dumbbells, a few resistance bands and perhaps a barbell, and that’s it! No fancy gym machines, no expensive equipment, no hassle.

The workouts progress gradually, starting with a more basic system in the first few weeks and gradually becoming more challenging as you move forward. To get you the best results possible while saving time, Amanda integrates several kinds of intensifiers into her programming, and within each workout, you might see one or more of these techniques:

Circuit: This is a workout system that moves quickly, with single sets of moves done back-to-back with little to no rest in between.

Superset: This involves performing two exercises in a row with little to no rest in between.

Straight set: You perform all the reps of a single set of an exercise, then rest before moving to the next.

Tri-Set: This is a group of three exercises done back-to-back with little to no rest in between.

Failure or AMRAP: Perform an exercise for as many reps as possible until you cannot do another rep or hold a move for any more time without breaking form.

Burnout or Finisher: This is a single set of an exercise done for a high number of reps in order to completely tax a muscle group.

Drop Set: During this technique, you begin with a heavy weight for a prescribed number of reps, then decrease your weight two more times for reps.

Continuous Drop Set: You use the drop-set technique while alternating between two moves in a superset.

Continuous Superset: Perform a superset without resting between sets.

Tempo Rep: In this technique, you change the speed of either the positive or negative contraction of a repetition to incite fatigue.

You’ll also be doing cardio as part of your 60-day program, including both steady-state and high-intensity interval training work to further maximize your calorie burn and get you into great shape.

And don’t forget about the 14-Day Holiday Survival Guide workouts. You’ll revisit many of those exercises in the 60-day program — and you’ll be more than capable of crushing them!

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