[Download Now] Adam Melson – Advanced Organic Acquisition Course

[Download Now] Adam Melson – Advanced Organic Acquisition Course

[Download Now] Adam Melson – Advanced Organic Acquisition Course

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[Download Now] Adam Melson – Advanced Organic Acquisition Course


Adam Melson – Advanced Organic Acquisition Course

Adam Melson – Advanced Organic Acquisition Course

Price: $499
Sale Page: https://conversionxl.com/institute/live-course-advanced-organic-acquisition/
Archive: http://archive.is/mg9H4

Get Adam Melson – Advanced Organic Acquisition Course right now!

Advanced Organic Acquisition Course:

Acquire More Lucrative Traffic While Recovering Lost Sales.

This in-depth course will teach you advanced strategies to level-up your SEO strategy, and build traffic-driving assets that convert for the long term.

In this 8-part training program, you will learn to:

  • Discover and capitalize on gaps in current search results.
  • Evaluate how your site factors into the customer journey so you can get in front of missing segments.
  • Create valuable, traffic-driving, on-page content that isn’t stock SEO copy.
  • Identify fallen referral sources and reclaim their traffic and links.
  • Fix and futureproof yourself against algorithm updates/penalties.

This Course Is Right For You If…

  • You’re a hands-on digital marketing practitioner who wants to crush their traffic goals and bring more revenue and conversions consistently.
  • You’ve hit a plateau in your traffic generation efforts. Whatever you do, it’s hard to move the needle significantly.
  • You’ve tried tools and tactics that have fallen flat – even though that one guy at that conference said it made him millions.

This course is NOT for you if…

  • You’re a CMO or marketing VP removed from being a day-in day-out practitioner.
  • You’re looking for quick & clever link wins. No silver bullets to be found here.
  • You launched your site very recently and know you need SEO. If that’s the case, look into CXL Institute’s foundational traffic acquisition course. This one will be more advanced.

Skills you should have…

  • Intermediate knowledge of SEO. We’re not talking log analysis level, but if the words “canonical” or “robots.txt file” intimidate you, this is likely not the best choice at the moment.
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. If words like “pivot table” and “concatenate” intimidate you, brush up on a short Excel course in preparation for this one.
  • Basic Google Analytics knowledge. Here’s an introductory course from CXL Institute.

Get Twice the Value Out of the Same SEO Efforts

There are SEO tips everywhere. Blogs, conferences, books, videos. But here’s the problem: most of them are low value, not tested, and simply don’t work most of the time.

The result? As SEO professionals, we’re working too hard to get too few results.

What happens when you spend tons of time and effort building an asset, and no one uses it?

When no one responds to outreach, what then?

In this course we’ll dive into detailed approaches on building content and SEO assets that actually bring traffic and conversions.

In short, we’ll teach you to focus on high value activities that have been proven to work at scale and over the long term (not just short term wins or BS “hacks” some blogger wrote about).

Find Content Gaps and Outrank the Competition

SEO is increasingly competitive. Despite the constant hyperbolic calls of SEO’s demise, it’s abundantly clear you can build a business off of organic acquisition and that many businesses continue to prioritize organic acquisition efforts.

Organic traffic acquisition can also touch all stages of the customer journey and buying cycle. Top-of-the-funnel efforts can widen your reach and you can target user stages to continuously bring more customers and business value.

All it takes is a little audience research and content gap identification.

In this course, we’ll teach you a process for uncovering these gaps and forgotten customer segments. This process will essentially teach you to steal traffic from the competition and put money back on the table.

Get Adam Melson – Advanced Organic Acquisition Course on courselamps.com right now!

Recover Lost Traffic and Keep it Forever

What happens when Google makes a change that suddenly takes away 90% of your organic traffic? What happens when you’re penalized?

While many people in this course haven’t experienced a drop that drastic, it happens. We’ll show you how to pinpoint traffic losses early to mitigate negative effects and plug holes before they become business problems. Nothing is more devastating than losing hard earned traffic.

In addition, this course will teach you how to analyze referrals regularly and to coordinate with internal and external teams to recapture money, traffic, and links.

Your 8-part Class Schedule

Each class runs 60-90 minutes.

Advanced Organic Acquisition

Class 1

Class 1: Acquisition through Content Gaps

This class will be an introduction to finding, executing on, and measuring the results of content gap analysis. You’ll discover areas in which you’re missing customer segments and how to craft strategies to capture that valuable traffic.

Class 2

Class 2: Acquisition through Referral Sources

In this chapter, we’ll review how to ensure you’re keeping what you’ve earned. You’ll need to be able to pull referral sources, traffic, and hopefully conversion data from your analytics suite for the first part of this chapter.

We’ll also cover how to make the most of your connections and internal teams to build long term and valuable referral traffic.

Class 3

Class 3: Acquisition through Assets

Content assets are a wonderful way of breaking through the nice, but you have to figure out the right asset to build to drive ROI and solve customer needs.

This asset might be a coupon page, scholarship, infographic, survey, or something else entirely.

We’ll go through how to identify the need. Half of building an asset is doing it well, and we’ll review assets done right, as well as those done simply to get traffic or a few backlinks.

Class 4

Class 4: Humanizing the Experience

How do you share that you’re a real company with others? How do you show you want to build relationships? From responding to poor reviews to giveaways and fulfilling wishes of your customers, we’ll look at how to show you’re a relationship building company to help grow traffic in the long run.

This class will also cover how to solve searchers’ problems at each stage of the funnel and how to incorporate social good into a growth program.

Class 5

Class 5: How Penalties & Algorithm Updates Impact Traffic

There’s a theme in the latter classes, and it’s that you need to keep the traffic you already have. It’s yours and you’ve likely worked hard to get it.

Here, we’ll review algorithm updates, penalties, and the steps you can take to remediate them.

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Class 6

Class 6: Quick Wins: Where’s the Low Hanging Fruit?

In this chapter, we’ll cover how to make meta-descriptions into a converting traffic driving machine, how to identify roadblocks preventing people from converting easily, and how to optimize what you already do to get some quick wins in terms of traffic and conversions.

Class 7

Class 7: Setting Yourself up for Success

There are a number of ways you can set yourself up for success prior to even starting some of the strategies we’ve gone over. By establishing these early, you’re able to automate and baseline information to help you make greater traffic gains.

Some of these methods include setting up customer traffic alerts, monitoring the competition, and tools to make things easier and more effective.

Class 8

Class 8: Technical SEO’s Impact on Traffic Acquisition

In this final chapter of our class, we’ll look at a few dozen technical items, which ones hold water, and which ones can be thrown out as a waste of time or checkbox best practices. Some of these will be tests I’ve personally run, some from the Seer team, and others will be references from published case studies and tests from around the search industry.

Show Off Your New Skills: Get a Certificate of Completion

Once the course is over, pass a test to get certified in Organic Acquisition.

Add it to your resume, your LinkedIn profile or just get that well-earned raise you’ve been waiting for.

You will also get 8 introductory video lessons

In addition to classes, you’ll get access to snack-size video lessons to bring you up to speed on the course topics. Topics covered include:

1. Algorithm Updates & Changes

2. The Basics of Link Building

3. 2017 Approach to SEO

4. Google Analytics for SEO

5. Google Search Console for SEO

6. Free & Paid Tools Aiding SEO

7. Getting Strategy Approval

8. SEO Terminology Across the Course

Enroll Now

You’ll get…

  • 8 bite-size introductory video lessons.
  • 8 in-depth class recordings with Adam and your classmates.
  • Resources, tool suggestions, and assignments to get going.
  • Access to a private, members-only discussion group with your peers.

Get Adam Melson – Advanced Organic Acquisition Course right now!

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