Stylelife – Attraction Mastermind Group

Stylelife – Attraction Mastermind Group

Stylelife – Attraction Mastermind Group

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Stylelife – Attraction Mastermind GroupStylelife – Attraction Mastermind Group

From: Style

If you want to be part of my Mastermind Group but still need to improve your seduction skills to the master level because you have holes in your game OR you want to add a new powerful seduction style, then this is your chance to claim one of the few existing systems that will help you improve fast and easy.

It’s the rare opportunity that I’m giving to you so that you can help building a movement of confident men who help each other to become their best self. It’s a rare opportunity to learn everything about my latest ROUTINE STACK that allows you to get inside a woman’s mind and control her feelings to the point of addiction (even if you’re not good looking, not tall or athletic, not rich or successful and not “naturally good” with women – even if you’re suffering from a hard case of shyness).

And especially … if you have tried something else before and failed! (Here’s a hint: you didn’t flip any of her attraction switches and I’ll give you details about all 5 in just a minute).

To prepare you for we’ll do together in my Mastermind Group, you need to know about the method and system first.

Inside my simple my simple Attraction and Seduction System you’ll learn how to approach women, build instant attraction and irresistible rapport, and finally give a girl the night of her dreams. And you don’t have to change or pretend to be someone you are not!

It gives you step-by-step instructions, word-for-word examples, real world exercises and ready-to-use videos, audio and “field-tested” materials. You learn exactly what to say and how to say it. It’s the first of its kind, because it breaks the science of attraction down into simple, easy-to-follow steps to help you and the woman to feel that “Spark”.

Style’s “Attraction & Seduction” System works for …

  • Guys who want to approach and attract new women without the fear of rejection.
  • Guys looking to date multiple women and need a system to manage expectations.
  • Guys who want to attract a specific girl and make her fall in love with them.
  • Guys looking to get their ex-girlfriend back and avoid ever losing her again.

It will show you how to trigger any woman’s attraction switches to quickly engage, connect with her anywhere and “turn her on”.

How powerful is this system really? How quickly and easily can you learn it?

You see, I’ve taken some of the most skeptical, shy, lonely, clueless and scared students you’ve ever seen and transformed them through the simple, step-by-step Style’s Attraction and Seduction System into clued-in masters of attraction and seduction who suddenly romantically connect with many of the women they meet.


Over the last few years my coaches and I perfected the art of attraction and seduction by trial and error, until the error was gone. We invented, modeled, and tested the most effective elements of the game to guarantee maximum success with minimum rejection. But, like tax loopholes closing every year when the government catches on to the tricks, the game needs to be constantly refreshed, innovated, and updated.

That’s why we’ve been working on a flexible, continuous, customized method that can do this.

The very first thing I realized in my own transformation from being frustrated to being able to get inside any woman’s mind and know EXACTLY what to say to her is that women have attraction switches. And making the right move to flip those switches is the key to triggering uncontrollable feelings of attraction.

So, if you are talking to women and making your move without knowing how to trigger her attraction switches …


Because, you are cheating yourself out of the life you could be living.

You will be absolutely floored when you realize how little you have to do, once you know how to trigger her attraction switches. And just how easy it is getting the women you want, how fast you can turn her on, when you understand her mind.

Fact: Within the first 10 minutes of meeting a woman, you can be your own best ally or your own worst enemy. Say the wrong thing and you’ll KILL the attraction. Say the right thing and she starts craving your attention hanging on your every word. So let me reveal a few simple dating secrets:

Simple Dating Secret #1: Never admit: “My last girlfriend was forever ago.”
Because if you do, she thinks: “No other women will touch this guy and neither should I.” Instead you demonstrate that you are pre-selected by showing her that other women want you. (I’ll show you exactly how to do this on DVD #2).

Simple Dating Secret #2: Never complain: “My job sucks but it pays the bills, I guess.”
She will think: “OK, this guy has no ambition, that’s gross.” If you do have a boring job, you don’t need to tell her all about it. Instead tell her about your exciting goals for the future. She doesn’t care if you’re rich but she does want you to be ambitious. We have developed a great way for you to define your life goals and communicate your outlook on life.

Simple Dating Secret #3: Never confess: “I don’t really talk to my family.”
She thinks: “This guy has intimacy issues because he doesn’t love his family!” Don’t reveal negative personal baggage about yourself in the early stages of meeting a woman. Instead show her you love, protect and take care of all of those close to you: family, friends, girlfriends, and even pets. Being a protector of your loved ones is very sexy to a lot of women.

Simple Dating Secret #4: Turn a woman on by triggering all 5 attraction switches at once. With just your words you can either turn a woman ON or turn her completely OFF. Women want a man with an exciting life (The E1 switch), a strong social network and emotional connection (the E2 switch), ambitious life goals (the S1 switch), a man who takes care of his loved ones (the A switch) and a man who turns them on (the S2 switch). Otherwise they run and hide.

Making your move when you have NOT YET triggered all 5 attraction switches can make a woman go ice cold. Even if she was interested before. She liked you before but then realized she didn’t feel “the right chemistry”. Then she’ll stop wanting to hang out with you and start seeing you as “just a friend”.

I’m going to show you what she is thinking, I’ll show you what to say to her and when and how to make your move. All based on triggering her 5 female attraction switches, which I’ll discuss in detail in a little bit.

First … let me answer a few questions you might want to know at this point:

  • “Will this work on the girl I like?”
  • “Is it easy to use this system?”
  • “Is it guaranteed to work for me?”

On DVD #1 “Eternal Attraction Principles and Concepts” you’ll discover the concepts of how to make women chase you by demonstrating high value and triggering her attraction switches. Using this eternal attraction principle you’ll understand how the science of attraction works (and you’ll find yourself with the kind of relationships you desire).

On DVD #2 “Fundamentals of Approaching and Opening” you’ll find out how to approach any woman at any time in any location with maximum attraction effect in a step by step process. You’ll learn how to easily strike up a conversation, help her to feel comfortable with you, get her interested and never run out of things to say. You’ll discover how to instinctively know what to say next to amplify the chemistry she’s feeling. Plus you’ll see actual filmed approaches of trained seducers starting conversations with women in the field.

On DVD #3 “Take Your Game to The Next Level” you will learn my method for building up your inner game so that your own personality ultimately becomes an attraction factor. This works especially, if you are super shy or not naturally extroverted and outgoing. I will show you how to avoid low value mistakes and feel an entirely new level of confidence in any type of social situation. I also will share with you the “secret sauce” of my personally perfected routines.

Now … once they are talking to a woman, many guys are confused about …

  • “How do I flirt and banter with her?”
  • “When and how should I make my move?”
  • “What should I say or do to turn her on?”

This can be frustrating as hell because if you want to take your game to the next level, you have to know how much attraction she feels for you. But how? This drives most guys crazy!

Here’s the good news: Once you trigger her attraction switches you know exactly what to say to get her excited.

On DVD #4 “Complete Guide To Disqualification” you’ll be handed an entire arsenal of “Chick Crack” and learn the art of disqualification (teasing, bantering and flirting) broken down into easily understandable steps. You’ll discover how you magically can change a relationship from a stranger to potential lover. This essential skill will give you the challenging “mental frame” women crave.

On DVD #5 “Generate Your Own Stories, Routines and Build Rapport”
After you started a conversation what do you say next? What are the smooth things to tell a woman to become more attractive to her? In this video tutorial you’ll learn the tools to convey your own personality and stories to a woman and connect with her so that she feels as if she has known you forever and forms a deep attachment to you in her mind.

On DVD #6. “Deep Connections and Employing a Call to Action” you’ll discover how to create an intense and powerful connection that’s been missing with every other guy in her life. She’ll be feeling as though you’re reading her thoughts. You will discover how to give women a reason to WANT YOU NOW. And I’ll show you how to use “Verbal Foreplay” to make a woman feel that she must seduce you now, imagining the two of you naked and you treating her like the bad girl she longs to be.

It’s easy, there are only 5 attraction switches. And I’ll show you how to trigger ALL of them in Style’s Attraction and Seduction System.


  1. The A = LEADER Switch
    She is looking for a guy who is the leader of the pack. From an evolutionary perspective she wants to be with a who matches or shows more smarts or strengths than she has. A man who is smart or strong enough to take care of her and her future family. The questions in her mind are: “Is he confident? Do people follow his lead? Can I look up to him? Is he strong or smart enough to protect me?” In my system you’ll discover the secrets to trigger the LEADER switch.
  1. The E1 = EMOTION Switch
    She needs to feel safe physically and emotionally. She wants a guy who demonstrates emotional and social abilities, loyalty to family and friends. A man who understands her wishes and fears deeply and who she can connect with on an emotional and even spiritual level. The questions in her mind are: “Does he understand me? Is there a strong emotional chemistry between us?” In my system you’ll discover the secrets to trigger the EMOTION switch.
  2. The E2 = EXCITEMENT Switch
    She wants to feel good and excited by you. A sense of humor and adventurism that sweeps her off feet, leads to new experiences, makes her wonder and enjoy it. The questions in her mind are: “Can he make me laugh and feel good? Is he exciting and fun?” In my system you’ll discover the secrets to trigger the EXCITEMENT switch.
  3. The S1 = SUCCESS Switch
    She loves being energized by you and your life goals. When two people energize each other they can reach far more than alone. She wants a guy with drive and a positive outlook on life. The questions in her mind are: “Does he have a passion for life? Will he go places (with me)?” In my system you’ll discover the secrets to trigger the SUCCESS switch.
  4. The S2 = SEX Switch
    She needs to feel chemistry on an emotional, rational before she moves to the physical level. From an evolutionary perspective she requires feeling trust, comfort and connection before she wants to be seduced. The question in her mind is: “Can I connect with him emotionally, sensually and sexually?” In my system you’ll also discover the secrets to trigger the sex switch.

As you can see, Style’s Attraction and Seduction System is a complete system that allows you …

  • Approach the kind of woman you’ve always wanted without fear of rejection.
  • Quickly and nearly instantly create attraction in a woman that she can’t control.
  • Easily know what a woman wants and needs to get intimate with you and give it to her.

But that’s not all! In Style’s Attraction and Seduction System I’ll show you …

  • How you can become exciting and attractive to the women you meet.
  • How you eliminate your fear of rejection once and for all – no matter how shy you are.
  • How you to turn your personality into an irresistible attraction trigger.
  • How to forge both platonic and romantic relationships.
  • How to make subtle comments that ignite her flirtatious behavior.
  • How to recover from those moments when you stall out or your mind goes blank.
  • How you create an unbreakable emotional bond so that she stays hooked on you.

And the best part is, you don’t have to change your personality or act as if you are someone you are not. You will be able to easily identify which attraction switches you need to flip before you make your move. Most of DVD #1 is dedicated to that. (Once you watch this video you will never see women the same again!)

Now you might be wondering about the price and I will get to that in a few seconds. But I’m sure you’ll be surprised just how affordable it is. Let me show you a few more things that you will learn:

  • On DVD #2 you’ll also learn body language secrets and how to use them for attracting women all around you.
  • On DVD #3 you’ll also discover how to create a personal ad and online dating bios that get responses from the type of women you want.
  • On DVD #6 I’ll show you 7 reasons for a woman to act now, and push the relationship to more intimate places.


When you claim your Style’s Attraction and Seduction System and your spot in my Attraction Mastermind Group, here’s what you’re going to get:

  • Style’s “Attraction & Seduction” Core System
    In 6 DVDs you’ll discover the secret key to the female mind that most men never know about. (The guys who went to my original seminar and experienced the amazing results paid more than $1,000 for accessing this material.) In addition you’ll watch hidden camera footage of my coaches picking up women in real life.
  • “The Secret Code of Seduction” instant download –
    You’re also going to get the ultimate strategy guide to attracting and seducing women. It’s designed to be your cheat sheet while learning the Style’s Attraction and Seduction System. It contains concrete examples and exercises of all key techniques, revealing everything in scientific detail, ready for you to emulate and implement step-by-step.Approach any woman without fear (page 21).

    • How to start a conversation (page 27).
    • Get her number today (page 51).
    • Have her instantly chase you (page 35).
    • Escalate to the physical level (page 57).
    • Perfectly hold a groups attention (page 33).
    • Sealing the second date and beyond (page 49).

    The “Secret Code of Seduction” reveals the complete blueprint of the attraction and seduction process and demystifies all of crucial techniques and giving you the “ah-hah” moments making it brain dead simple.

  • “The Complete Cold Reading Handbook” – $42.00 RETAIL VALUE
    You’ll learn the ‘Black Art’ of seduction. Cold reading has been cited in countless field reports as the turning point that sparked deep level emotional connections.
    While simple cold reading lines like “You’re trouble” and “I bet she’s the good one, and you’re the bad one” get girls giggling and excited, if you give more powerful cold
    readings, women will actually go out of their way to get to spend time with you.

    • Learn why cold reading is the ‘Black Art’ of seduction.
    • How to instantly talk like a cold reading expert.
    • Read any woman’s mind anywhere using the simple “Hands of the Gods” routine.
    • Discover the “I Heart” cold reading method and let her tell you how she wants to be seduced.
    • Learn a simple way to use Astrology and Tarot to blow her mind and connect with her deeper than any other guy before you.

Here are the coaching resources you’ll get.

    • My personalized lessons and exercises.
      You get to learn my entire personal arsenal of seduction techniques that I personally used to become acclaimed as the best pick-up artist in the world. In video and audio examples and exercises, you’ll learn everything step-by-step from the minute you walk into a public place, to the minute after you’ve experienced the most amazing intimate encounter you could imagine.
    • I will personally coach you and answer your questions
      Every month you’ll be invited to the Attraction Mastermind Group meeting, a private phone call with me and other students to ask your most burning dating questions. I’ll take your questions and personally help you to develop your game routines so that they fit you!
    • Monitoring your progress – Think of this as your personal attraction success gauge. Our Personal Progress Monitoring system will allow you to track and measure your improvements, view your achievements, and help you move closer to your goals, 24/7 from anywhere in the world.
    • Connect with new friends in my mastermind community – You’ll become part of my exclusive ELITE forum where mastermind member meet and filled with new friends who are learning with you.
    • Receive a double booster magazine and DVD: You’ll receive the Wingman a Pickup Magazine and DVDs (either mailed to you or electronically) packed with the latest tested openers and routines that only YOU will have, but it’ll be the only place to get the latest field reports. This stuff is exclusive to SLA members and will not be available anywhere else

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