William C. Harvey – Survival Spanish for Healthcare Professionals

William C. Harvey – Survival Spanish for Healthcare Professionals

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William C. Harvey
Full Day
Audio and Video
May 03, 2016


​Basic Spanish for Better Communication

  • Effective Spanish for Emergencies
  • Practical Skills to use the Next Day
  • Tired of relying on the patient’s family members, your co-workers, or even telephone assistance to handle simple conversations with Spanish-speakers? What if you could learn just enough Spanish to get through a typical workday all on your own? And, what if you could do so while having some fun at the same time?

    Survival Spanish for Healthcare Professionals is a beginning Spanish program, designed for healthcare personnel who understand and speak very little, or no, Spanish, and are interested in an effective, non-threatening language learning experience. Course content includes basic vocabulary and grammar, along with conversational expressions, questions, and commands tailored to the needs of all those attending. Instruction is “real-life” and geared for today’s busy adult learner, taught with humor in an atmosphere that guarantees rapid language acquisition and valuable cross-cultural awareness.

    Learning Survival Spanish for Healthcare Professionals is finally possible without the hassle of traditional classroom instruction.



    The Guidelines to Learning a Second Language

    • Cultural Understandings
    • Busting the Myths

    The Sounds of Spanish

    • Basics of Pronunciation
    • The Vowels
    • Dialectic Differences

    The T. P. R. Technique: Using Medical Commands

    • Touch and Talk Technique

    Survival Vocabulary

    • Body Parts
    • Colors
    • Numbers
    • Clothing
    • Basic Foods

    How to Understand a Spanish-Speaking Patient

    • What and How to Listen
    • How to Slow Down Speech
    • Spanglish Words

    Healthcare Words, Expressions and Beginning Conversations

    • Greetings
    • Needs Assessment
    • Giving Directions
    • The Physical Exam
    • Diagnosis
    • Treatment Terminology

    Survival One-liners in Customer Service

    • Cordial Exchanges to Use
    • Utilizing the Interpreter

    The Question Words: Using the Hospital Interview

    • Intake
    • Admission and Discharge

    Easy Answers: How to Respond

    • One-Word Questions
    • Either / or Questions
    • Yes / no Questions


    • Clocks, Calendars and Appointments

    The Verb SER vs. ESTAR

    • Sentences with AM, IS, ARE
    • Use in Context: Illness and Injuries

    The Front Desk, the Hospital, and Room to Room

    • The Building, Medical Equipment, Job
    • Titles, Specialists

    The Post-It Method

    • Home Practice Technique: The Home and Furnishings
    • The Doctor’s Office

    Emergency Situations

    • How to Ask the Right Questions / Answering Appropriately

    The Verb TENER

    • How to Use TO HAVE

    The Family

    • Family History
    • Male / Female Roles
    • How to Talk to Kids/the Elderly

    Medical Verb Forms

    • How to Create Complete Sentences
    • Healthcare Power-lines

    Practice Tips and Beyond


    William C. Harvey, BA, MS Related seminars and products: 1

    William C. Harvey, BA, MS, is a nationally-recognized teacher, author, and motivational speaker, often considered by experts to be one of the best language and diversity instructors in America today. He is founder and president of Language Services Institute, a successful on-site language school, which currently has some of the most comprehensive training programs in Southern California.

    As a 30-year veteran of teaching Spanish, English, and Cultural Awareness, Bill has received national media attention from CNN, Spanish News Network, Time magazine, The New York Times, and Los Angeles Times. Mr. Harvey holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish and a Master of Science in Bilingual Education, and has received numerous awards for his work in public education. He is the author of several books, including Spanish for Gringos, Inglés para Latinos, Spanish for Health Care Professionals, Outreach Spanish, and Spanish for Law Enforcement Personnel.

    Mr. Harvey has also gained attention on the internet while appearing in numerous healthcare webinars and audio conferences. All of Bill’s books, audio CDs, videos, and DVDs are available for purchase either online or at fine bookstores everywhere. His latest pocketbook, Spanish for Office Visits, is ideal for medical personnel who communicate regularly with Spanish speakers, and his current project, Spanish for Medical Emergencies targets the needs of EMS and ER personnel.


    Financial: William C. Harvey is the founder/president of Language Services Institute. He is a speaker, who receives an honorarium, for PESI, Inc. He is a compensated author for Barron’s Educational Series.

    Nonfinancial: William C. Harvey has no relevant nonfinancial relationship to disclose.

    Salepage: https://catalog.pesi.com//item/survival-spanish-healthcare-professionals-13645
    Archive: https://archive.ph/wip/ri9mM

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