White Tigress Society – White Tigress An Mo

White Tigress Society – White Tigress An Mo

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White Tigress Society - White Tigress An Mo1White Tigress Society – White Tigress An Mo

About the DVD
In her practice, a White Tigress employs An Mo (Pressing and Rubbing Techniques for Relaxing & Strengthening Muscles & Joints) as a means to improve her and her client’s overall physical, sexual, and mental health—making the stiff and cold pliable and warm, and the dull and tired awake and energetic. When the heat and movement of qi along with the increased blood flow and sexual energy (ching) are stimulated they move through the muscles and joints causing the spirit (shen) to awaken. An Mo benefits and develops the sexual, internal, and spiritual energies in both the Tigress and her clients.

With this unique system of An Mo, the client and Tigress feel better physically, sexually, and emotionally. An Mo, on an external level, is a “feel good” massage, but internally it is a “sexual-spiritual” experience. It helps to relax and strengthen the muscles and joints, moves the qi in a correct manner, and stimulates the spirit so that anxiety and stress are eliminated. The internal transformation is experienced by both parties.

Once proficient in An Mo, the Tigress was instructed in supplemental techniques related to deeper and more subtle internal energy dynamics. These supplementary techniques included Ching Qi Kan (Cavity and Meridian Stimulation), Kua Shao (Heating and Scraping technique), and various Transformational Sexual Techniques (as shown in our DVD Rousing the Dragon, and the forthcoming Rousing the Tigress and Plain Girl’s Nine Sexual Positions). These advanced techniques demand knowledge of Taoist breathing techniques and a high level of sexual compassion, and a deep understanding of sexual functions.

This DVD is suitable for men or women to learn how to perform An Mo massage. Women enjoy and benefit from receiving this massage as well as men. An Mo is a valuable skill that both men and women can practice and teach.

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