Travis Stoetzel – Unbreakable

Travis Stoetzel – Unbreakable

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Travis Stoetzel – Unbreakable


The UNBREAKABLE BADass Blueprint is the one and only training program specifically designed to help you turn into a complete BADass while ending your frustrations of NOT seeing noticeable and fast results.

Seriously though, this kick ass program is designed with the most cutting-edge training principles in mind. Not only will it help with getting you STRONG as hell, it will yield accelerated fat loss while also turning you into a highly conditioned machine.

No longer will you have to stress over NOT knowing what to do for you next workouts…

With UBB, You’ll unleash your inner athlete (whether you were an ex-athlete or not)…

This is the kind of program you might find the “fittest men on earth” putting themselves through to compete in “The Games”– or someone whose livelihood depends on being able to compete at high levels of fitness all across the board or to even save and protect lives. From conditioning and endurance… to strength and agility… You’ll build it all!

And, with the strategically designed set up of The UBB, you’ll not have to worry about getting injured or getting run down from lack of programming. You’re body will become UNBREAKABLE. You’ll be limber, mobile, agile, and highly athletic…

Worst-case scenario, you complete this program and you don’t compete in any type of sports or events, you’ll still be in great shape and in actual reality, that’s probably the best-case scenario that you’ll be getting with this program anyways.

The absolute worst-case scenario is much worse… you keep doing the same workouts your doing, following some badly setup “program”, or you just keep guessing which training program to even do while you keep spinning your wheels.

Now, let’s talk about how to become a “TOTAL BADASS”

First and foremost, the UNBREAKABLE BADass Blueprint (UBB) is a 12 week program that is going to forge you into a complete wrecking machine.

I use the word “UNBREAKABLE” because that’s exactly what you’ll become – tough as nails and hard as steel-strong — you’ll be able to bust through walls, and break past any barriers that happen to stand in your way no matter what happens.

It’s also going to make you fitter in every sense of the word “fit”.

Whether you need to sprint as fast as you possible can, take on a 5k, duck, crawl, and run your way through a mud race, or even go for the big 26.2 – you’ll be ready.

Either way, even if you don’t compete in a sport, run a mud race, or do some sort of other highly competitive and athletic challenge… you’ll be in the absolute best shape of your life!

You’ll laugh at everyone else with those “normal” non-existent fitness goals, who’s results are minimum at best who continue to follow their “random workout programs” that get them nowhere…

In the end, people will be pointing their fingers and thinking inside their heads about how “BADASS” you are!

You’ll be that guy…

So stick with me here – because, (if you’re like me) you’re going to enjoy finding out about what you’re about to unleash here…

This program completely goes against the grain of what most “functional” fitness coaches are “teaching” to guys like you. I’m talking about “nasty-little secrets” like…

  • Why doing cardio separately from your workouts is a total WASTE of time and will yield you little to no results in terms of turning you into a LEAN and MEAN Badass (unless you do it right!).
  • How lifting “aggressively” will explode your gains in athletic strength, giving you the muscle-power you want and need to turn in a highly explosive beast
  • How adding in a a special type of competitive event-style workout into your routines will unleash your trapped inner athlete.
  • Why it’s simple to add lean muscle size and shred fat all while gaining strength because you’ll understand how to move through the 2 Phases of “Controlled Chaos” within UBB…

More specifically, you’ll going to uncover…

  • The progressions of highly effective strength and power exercises that explode the fat burning potential and performance of everything else you do
  • The “repeat method” of cardio and resistance intervals – and why most cardio based programs won’t get you any where.
  • How to DOUBLE your strength and endurance, while cutting your workout time down in half…
  • The RIGHT WAY to do interval training. And why doing it the right way, you can shred fat off your body like clockwork…
  • The Lethal Combos of Olympic Style lifts that will not only get you more functional and athletic – but will improve your ability to perform other key movements that build total body strength and power as well
  • The perfect workout set up for a lean, chiseled body that’s also athletic and functional – not stiff and puffy like most bodybuilders!
  • The “sprinters warm up” that builds joint mobility and stability... while also exploding your agility, and helping you burn even more fat…
  • The ONE AND ONLY WAY to get “shredded and strong” in 12 weeks or less. Don’t go by what anyone else tells you to do – from crunches to supplements to special workout gear — none of that crap is true nor does nothing else but slows your progress
  • You’ll unleash the ability to quickly produce raw power and long-lasting strength within your body needed to explode through any workout, anytime, anywhere… It will become like an instinct within your mind and body for when ever you need it – whether this be for a killer workout or for the thrill of a competitive activity, you’ll have it!

These important concepts when mixed with the 2 progressive phases of UBB are perfect for anyone looking to transform their bodies, unleash their inner athletes, and most importantly,- BECOME A TOTAL BADASS.


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