Terry Trundle – Rotator Cuff Dysfunction: Functional Recovery from Impingement & Surgery

Terry Trundle – Rotator Cuff Dysfunction: Functional Recovery from Impingement & Surgery

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Terry Trundle
5 Hours 40 Minutes
Audio and Video
Jun 12, 2015



Shoulder “The Open Kinetic Chain Challenge”

  • What questions should we be asking about “today’s shoulder”
  • Missing link in treating the geriatric shoulder
  • Components of functionality
  • Phases of rehabilitation based on recent evidence-based applications
  • Concepts of the three P’s (Pivotors, Protectors, and Positioners)
  • Role of scapula-thoracic stabilization for retraction, repositioning, and protraction preparation

Lab #1: Manual Mobility for the Scapula-Thoracic Articulation

  • Glenohumeral primary impingement
    • Vital three-motion patterns
    • Decompression of the painful shoulder
    • Manual preparation glides for the glenohumeral joint
    • Updates on capsule mobility
    • Positional recruitment based on the therapeutic value of intervention
    • Non-operative and operative treatment of primary impingement
    • Development of the “healthy cuff” with the vital five home exercise programs

Lab #2: Manual Mobility for the Glenohumeral Joint

  • Operative repairs for the rotator cuff lesions, including the geriatric considerations
    • Defining delayed intervention and its role in treatment guidelines
    • Scapula control for core stabilization
    • How to address shoulder “hike” dysfunction
    • Concepts of the “Geriatric Big Three” exercises
    • Benefits of closed kinetic chain stabilization
    • Outcome studies
  • Secondary impingement and its rehabilitation to instability
    • Why secondary impingent is so difficult to access
    • Subjective assessment outweighs objective findings
    • Protective exercise guidelines for labrum, SLAP lesions, and capsule instability

Lab #3: Screening of the Painful Shoulder – How Do You Define Shoulder Function?

  • History of the problem
  • Subjective level of pain
  • Location of pain
  • Clinical screening with special testing
  • Discussion of the three components of referral
  • Case presentations


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Terry Trundle, ATC, LAT, PTA, has over 38 years of experience in clinical practice and offers educational programs on functional rehabilitation focusing on the upper and lower kinetic chain. He practices in the Atlanta area where he is the Owner and Director of the Athletic Rehab Institute and Sports Medicine. In addition, he serves as a rehab consultant for Benchmark Physical Therapy and as Chair of the Advisory Board for the annual Rehab Summit.

Mr. Trundle’s research has been featured in numerous journals and publications, and he has received awards and recognitions by the American Physical Therapy Association and Medical College of Georgia as a leader in the field. Most recently, he authored a chapter on orthopedic management of the shoulder in Fundamental Orthopedic Management for the Physical Therapist Assistant. He is the co-producer of a four-part video series that includes exercises on the knee and shoulder and passive micro-mobility of the upper and lower kinetic chains.

Speaker Disclosures:

Financial: Terry Trundle is owner of Athletic Rehab Institute and Sports Medicine. He receives a speaking honorarium from PESI, Inc.

Non-financial: Terry Trundle is a member of the American Physical Therapy Association; and the National Athletic Trainers Association.

Salepage: https://catalog.pesi.com//item/rotator-cuff-dysfunction-functional-recovery-impingement-surgery-34273
Archive: https://archive.ph/wip/b9Ecw

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