Shawna Kaminski – The 21 Day Challenge Diet

Shawna Kaminski – The 21 Day Challenge Diet

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Hey, I’m Shawna K (that’s me on the right)

You probably found this page by searching ‘Shawna Kaminski’ or because I sent you to this special page.

This page has lots of the programs on it that I have to offer you.

But you shouldn’t even look at those yet.

You should find out a little about me before you trust me with your fitness.

First of all, I just turned 52 years old this year. The photo above has not been retouched. I did NOT prepare for this picture in any way, other than my usual training and nutrition. That is, I did not ‘diet down’ or dehydrate or do anything special other than show up for a photo shoot.

I practice what I preach as you can see. I have years of training expertise under my belt. I have trained 1000’s of people to get results of fat loss and increased strength and performance. I run Calgary NW Fit Body Boot Camp in Calgary, Alberta as well as coach clients internationally.

I’ve spent the last 25 years studying and researching the science of fat loss… NOT WEIGHT LOSS, but actual physique enhancing, muscle defining fat loss… the kind that turns heads and gets people’s attention when they see you coming.

Before I devoted myself to full time fitness, I was a school-teacher for 19 years. I have two teenaged kids as well, so I’m a busy person, just like you. I’ve made ways to make fitness ‘doable’ over the years and I want to share my proven ideas with you.

Challenge Diet

Imagine Losing Up to 15 Pounds of Fat in Only 21 Days Because You Knew EXACTLY What to Eat, Step-by-Step, without ever counting calories, going on crash diets or figuring out complicated “macro” formulas…

Plus, You’ll Discover the 5 Steps That You Can Follow in About 4 Minutes Per Day to Not Only Lose Fat While Maintaining Your Hard Earned Muscles, But also to Keep the fat off for life!

Give Yourself Just 21 Days and You’ll Discover How to Lose Up to 14 Pounds of Fat and Keep it off for good It’s all a part of a simple plan that starts as a “diet”, but crushes your cravings in just a few days. The diet then becomes a lifestyle (by YOU, not the expert).

This is the biggest difference in this system.

You’ll get educated on how to quickly and permanently change your eating habits so that you’ll never have to rely on a new diet “gimmick” ever again.

Let me ask you something. How would you like to…

– Eat normal food (including your favorites).

– NEVER have to rely on a “breakthrough” pill or powder.

– Quickly drop up to 5 pounds in the first 7 days.

– Learn how to KEEP off any weight loss FOREVER with simple strategies that won’t consume all your time.

– Destroy all cravings for your favorite cookies at night and all other junk food.

– Be a role model for your children, or even your grandchildren.

– Eat out without having to stress about what you’ll get from the menu to “stay on course.”

– Feel great in the clothes that you really want to wear without ever having to wonder if others are looking at you funny.

– You’ll be given the 5 Steps to Drop 3-5 Pounds in the Next 7 Days.

Step 1 – Social Support

In the exclusive Challenge Diet community, you’ll have access to other people just like you, as well as myself.

Step 2 – Accountability

Everyone in our group will be keeping an eye on you, and you’ll have NO choice but to succeed.

Step 3 – A Simple Plan and Being Prepared

There is no guesswork.

Step 4 – Incentive

You’ll see and feel a difference in only 7 days. Expect to lose up to 14 pounds in only 21 days.

Step 5 – Deadline
You can do anything for just 21 days.


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