Renee Davis – Enhance Nursing Staff Performance and Training Goals: Technology Tools to Captivate the Nurse Audience

Renee Davis – Enhance Nursing Staff Performance and Training Goals: Technology Tools to Captivate the Nurse Audience

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Renee Davis
6 Hours 11 Minutes
Audio and Video
May 09, 2019


Imagine having engaged learners in your professional orientations!

  • Imagine increased content retention and active learning!
  • Imagine your staff taking ownership of their learning!
  • Get ready for a career-changing educational event!
  • Educational technology and gamification integration in Nursing Professional Development is still an emerging topic. Now is the time to take a deeper look at how technology and gaming can change the way we think about and deliver education. Movement is taking place now to facilitate education, as opposed to spoon feeding our staff. You will have opportunities to use the showcased tech tools to see just how easy and user friendly these free and low-cost platforms can be. Nurses need to be excited and engaged about their professional learning opportunities.

    In this recording, you will learn how to bring the excitement back into education for your own amazing nurses.



    What’s Trending in Professional Development?

    • Learner experience
    • Engagement
    • Gamification
    • Collaboration
    • Brain-based learning

    What Does the Evidence Say?

    • Impetus for the integration of educational technology
    • Future of Nursing IOM (now known as National Academy of Medicine) Report—still relevant 8 years later
    • Nursing Professional Development (NPD) Practice Model
    • Shifts in learner preferences
    • The changing healthcare landscape

    Discovering the Age of Technology

    • Mobile learning—What is it, and considerations related to its use for learning and development
    • Technology and teaching innovations
    • Generations & the connected age

    Inquiring Minds Want to Know

    • Demonstration of gaming platforms and games
    • Game mechanics of each platform inclusive of tracking and reporting
    • Review of free vs. fee—based features-get major impact without spending major dollars
    • System requirements—what about your learning management system (LMS) and its role with these gaming tools?

    Understanding and Overcoming Tech Challenges

    • Technology/Gaming limitations
    • Digital/Technological literacy of Nursing Staff Development Specialists/Faculty
    • Digital literacy of the learner
    • Lack of prep and/or familiarity with the gaming or educational technology platform
    • Formal vs. informal education delivery

    Survey Says…

    • Importance of data tracking
    • Qualitative feedback
    • Proven outcomes after education technology integration

    Preparing for the Tech Changes Ahead

    • Thinking differently about our education delivery methods
    • Increased faculty development
    • ROI
    • Remembering the power of orientation programs
    • Seek innovation: Technological evolution in Nursing Professional Development and Academia
    • Future projections: Virtual reality and social media for learning


    Renee Davis, MSN, RN-BC Related seminars and products: 1

    Renee Davis, MSN, RN-BC, has spent many years as an educator in both nursing professional development and academia and maintains her certification as a Nursing Professional Development Specialist. During her initial nursing years at the bedside, she worked in a variety of mainly medical-surgical settings, such as rehab/orthopedic, home care, short stay/ambulatory surgery, and neurosurgery.

    As an educator, she gained incredible insights as the lead learning management system contact, support and education coordinator for system-wide nursing education within a centralized, corporate education department of a multi-facility health system. Those experiences helped her to develop into a nursing educational technology integration expert. She is currently an independent consultant with her company, ProDevo Design and Consulting Group, as well as an online adjunct lecturer.

    Renee has conducted national and local presentations on the utilization and integration of educational technology in nursing academia and professional development. Her most recent national presentation was at the 2018 Association for Nursing Professional Development Annual Convention, where she conducted an interactive session on gamification and increased integration of educational technology in Nursing Professional Orientation.

    Speaker Disclosures:

    Financial: Renee Davis is the owner of ProDevo Design and Consulting Group. She receives a speaking honorarium from PESI, Inc.

    Non-financial: Renee David has no relevant non-financial relationship to disclose.


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