Mike Boyle – Functional Strength Coach 7.0

Mike Boyle – Functional Strength Coach 7.0

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Change Is Good…You Go First!

My main goal and hope is to encourage you to think about both training and life.

Really sit down and think. I want to challenge methods and strategies and ways ‘we have always done it’ so we can have a solid ‘why’ behind it.

Over the past 38 years I’ve coached thousands of athletes, from middle school novices to World Champions.

I’ve been through every fad and trend to come along. I’ve witnessed the emergence of the ‘internet guru’ sharing theories they’ve never actually used with athletes.

But most importantly, I’ve developed a sense of what works…and what doesn’t.

I’ve evolved and continued to seek out and superior ways to train my athletes, improving every year.

Besides getting our athletes to improve, I’ve also helped develop countless coaches, trainers and staff members.

As I find new techniques and strategies that proved to be successful with our athletes and coaches at Mike Boyle Strength & Conditioning (MBSC), I document them.

As you know, I am committed to sharing what really is working today at MBSC and our industry. So, every few years, I like to share what I’ve learned, how we’re using what I learned, what innovations or transitions I see in the future, what changes I have made to our programs…and how you can benefit from it too.

What’s Working…Right Now

There has been enough progression in our training over the past few years that I knew that I had to share what we are doing with our athletes right now.

Over the past few years I’ve learned a lot (hopefully you have too). We’ve tested tons of ideas and concepts at our facility, discarding most but integrating new protocols that have proven to be incredibly valuable to the development of our athletes.

That’s what good coaching is.

Change. An evolution.

I’m not saying if I make a change, you have to change but, shouldn’t you at least consider the change?

Consider the thought process, consider the logic, don’t simply revert back to what you like.

I’m often asked why ‘another Functional Strength Coach’.

The answer is simple.

We’re always evolving.

Our evolution as Strength Coaches is happening faster than ever before.

And yours should be changing and evolving too.

That’s why you’ll find Functional Strength Coach 7 vastly different than any of the previous FSC volumes.

Because I’m a student. Just like you. I’ve learned a lot recently that has made me a better coach, and in turn made our programs and our athletes better. And made our coaches better coaches.

Now I’m turning that newfound education over to you.