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Kevin Gianni – Live Awesome

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“New System Reveals the Fitness ‘Secrets’ the Magazines and Marketers Don’t Want You to Know!”

How to Look Awesome, Feel Awesome,
Skyrocket Your Energy Levels,
Boost Your Productivity,
and Reach Optimal Health
without Wasting Your Precious Time
Read this now or miss the opportunity to receive the most comprehensive package of health and fitness information for busy people just like you EVER assembled…

Hey Kevin!

I want to tell you that you’ve changed my life. Over the past couple of weeks I’ve really noticed how much my body, lifestyle and attitude has changed. I now exercise for at least an hour a day, 6 days a week (I bought a TON of Yoga, Pilates, Cardio and Strength DVD’s and love them!!) and I really look forward to exercising. I get up and move as much as possible instead of sitting on my butt in front of the TV. I’ve also been eating REALLY well. I’ve added fish to my diet, I’m eating 10+ servings of fruits and veggies a day and I’m making better choices altogether. By doing this, I’ve cut out the junk food almost entirely and the best part is that I don’t even miss it!!! I feel so good, so full of energy, I’ve been sleeping really well and waking up feeling refreshed (I haven’t felt that way in a LONG time!) and that makes me want to keep on going. I’m also started to see my upper abs, which I’ve never seen in my life, and that also keeps me motivated. Your program really helped to put me on the right track and everything that’s happened in my life since then has contributed to my success. I just want to thank you for your energy and motivation and to let you know that you’ve really made a difference in my life – something I’ll never forget. 🙂 You’re great!!!

Lisa M., Yoga Instructor
Golden’s Bridge, NY


kevin gianni picture for fitness solution
From the Desk of
Kevin Gianni –
Certified Personal
Trainer and Author

Let me make this quick…

In the next 3 minutes, I’m going to give you an opportunity to put all the worries about your expanding stomach and waistline aside.

I know how you feel.

Your clothes don’t fit, your stomach hangs over your jeans, you feel like a beached whale, and you’re just about as agile as a drunken sloth.

You’ve tried almost everything to get the motivation to lose weight and workout, but you always start strong only to fizzle out quickly a week or so later.

You know what’s good for you, but you just can’t find the time and the motivation to do it.

You can’t chase after the kids all day anymore, you aren’t as sharp at work, and–let’s face it–you’re not getting any younger.

Worse, you don’t possibly have ANY time to put it all together and finally get on track and lose some of the weight that—lately–has been piling on a little faster than usual.

Something has to give.

How Can You Create A Recipe for Fitness Success
When You Have So Many Other Things to Do?

A great recipe requires two things.

  1. Ingredients.
  2. Someone to put them together.

Great recipes have good ingredients, are well thought out, and have been refined over time.

Bad recipes don’t have good ingredients, aren’t flavored correctly, and leave a bad taste (literally) in your mouth.

A great recipe for fantastic health and fitness has the same components, except the “recipes” you’ve been given in the past are missing a few key ingredients.

The exercise programs you’ve followed are just bad recipes formulated by the fitness magazines, publishing houses, and marketers.

They’re not as interested in your success story as I am.

The Trim and Healthy Have Just as Little Time as You Do…
So What’s Their Secret?

I have never experienced a training process that involved such lifestyle integration. Finding an opportunity to exercise was complicated with my very busy schedule, not it is essential and a key motivating factor in my life. Using Annmarie and Kevin’s system, I am excited to exercise and look for ways to integrate activity into my daily life.

Ayelet G. Weiselfish
P.T., I.M.T,C.

 width= “This is the book I’ve just never got around to writing. It includes what many people consider the basics but what I call the essentials and it makes it so easy for people to do something with it!”

Jesse Cannone
Fitness Expert and Best-selling Author


They know it’s not all about the exercise and the food.

You see, you’ve been duped into thinking that the exercise, diet guidelines, calorie counters, and cardio are the most important thing in a weight loss program.

Is there any coincidence that over the last 30 years—when those programs were extremely popular (they still are!)—that we’ve gotten exponentially fatter!

According to USA Today, 62% of American adults are overweight or obese.

Sure you can follow those plans and lose 20 pounds here or 10 pounds there, but the numbers don’t lie.

It always comes back.

In fact, 98% of all dieters gain their weight back… and many gain back more!

In order to break out of your rut, you might have to break a few rules.

Before you read any further, grab a copy of my FREE report:

“How to Juggle Your Family, Your Busy Schedule, and Your Health and Fitness to Get the Results You’ve Always Wanted!”

I hate spam as much as everyone else (I get at least over 200 junk mails a day!). I promise to carefully guard your privacy and not share this information.


Yes! There Is Hope for the Time Strapped…
You Can Have Boundless Energy!

I’m here to tell you there IS an easy and simple method to:

  • Boost your energy levels and double your productivity in no time.
  • Bust through stubborn mental blocks that keep you from the physique you’ve always wanted.
  • Eliminate the guilt you feel about not exercising when you know you should.
  • Absolutely and positively know you will get the health and fitness results you desire without out doubt and second guessing.
  • Do all the things you need to do in the day—make all the calls, juggle the kids, make appointments and answer all the emails—and still have plenty of time to fit in a workout… maybe two!
  • Eliminate fat with exercises that you can do with no equipment in a space the size of your guest bathroom.

But, this path is not for someone who wants to keep doing the same thinly disguised routines and diet plans that keep giving the same yo-yo results.

My Experience Has Made Me
An Evangelist for YOUR Health

There was a time in my life when I felt terrible every morning, afternoon and night.

I was in terrible shape, 30 pounds overweight and let’s just say I partied just a little more than most.

It took me some time to realize that I was destroying my body, because when you are unhealthy, you’re numb to the way you really feel.

After one particularly hairy evening, I woke up with a pounding headache, peeled my head off of the pillow and I thought to myself…

“There must be something better than this…
I can’t go on feeling as miserable as I do now.”

I had spent years eating the wrong foods–even though I knew they were bad, I hadn’t exercised seriously since high school, and my mind was always in a sleepy fog that seemed like it would never lift.

But at that moment it did.

I realized that I needed to do something before I became fatter, unhealthier and even more unhappy that I already was.

So I did do something… I never looked back.

Since that day, I’ve spent years figuring out how to get lasting results for myself and being an evangelist for fantastic health.

I’ve seen too many people who’ve at one time or another “yo-yo”-ed their way back to being unhealthy, overweight, and unhappy.

I recently was speaking in front of a group of people in Hartford, Connecticut.

When my talk was winding down, I offered up the floor for questions.

Hands flew up in the air instantaneously and one-by-one everyone began to ask me the same questions I hear every time I’m up in front of a crowd.

Everyone is so confused about the information written in the books and magazines, that we’re frozen into inaction.

So I answered as many as I could in the time allotted, explaining that in order to get the energy levels, productivity and awesome results, we need to follow a proven system that works in the real world, not a fantasy program with empty promises.

A system that works during and AFTER it’s completed.

“The Busy Person’s Fitness Solution” Starter Kit
Will Show You–Step-by-Step–
How Look and Feel AWESOME all the Time!

You’ll never have to worry about falling off the weight loss wagon again.

This revolutionary health, fitness, and wellness e-book and audio package is a product of my (and my partner, Annmarie’s) years of experience and research.

It is guaranteed to give you laser-like focus, skyrocket your energy levels, increase your productivity, and get you the killer body you’ve always wanted in less that 4 hours a week.

It is flexible, built for your busy schedule, and allows you to apply little tidbits or huge chunks at a time—both—for big, tangible results.

fitness kit big
“The Busy Person’s Fitness Solution” Starter Kit (Electronic)
is the complete wellness
system that will help you
be healthier, happier
and trimmer in no time.

  • Say goodbye to those 8 week fitness systems that you can never completely finish.
  • See you later, wasted gym fees and memberships.
  • Adios, egg whites and chicken breast after chicken breast after… (It’s almost like Bubba Gump and his shrimp recipes, isn’t it?!)

Kevin, I just wanted to thank you for such a great program. It really fits my needs and my schedule. It’s easy to do and I can do it at home or at the office.

I’m back on a walking schedule and I’ve done your exercises. I’ve gotten back on track with my eating habits and started bringing a salad to work. I’ve definitely lost more than 2 pounds this week and am looking forward to losing more! Thanks again!

Pat D. Psychotherapist


(Starter Kit (Electronic) includes the E-book, Audio MP3’s and Bonuses!)

Within Minutes from Now You Will…

  • Discover the 7 biggest health and fitness lies, how they’re making you fat, unhealthy and unhappy and how to avoid them.
  • Learn why the science of exercise is confusing you into making the wrong choices about your health and fitness and how you can fight back for your LIFE… seriously!
  • How to absolutely and positively KNOW you will get the health and fitness results you desire without out doubt and second guessing.
  • Master the 8 steps to achieving all your health and fitness goals with ease and hop off the weight loss yo-yo forever.
  • Find out how to eat to suppress your appetite easily without rationing chicken and broccoli like you’re in an Army mess hall.
  • Learn the 7 most effective, time saving exercises on the planet and why they’re the only ones that you’ll ever need to do for toning, strength and cardiovascular training… plus you can do them in a space no bigger than your bathroom.
  • Find out the 12 simple “easy-for-the-busy-person-to-digest” steps you can take to look and feel awesome on the inside AND outside all the time.
  • Learn the single, most effective weight loss secret the healthy and fit live by… and it doesn’t require any calorie counting eating plan, boring workout program or multi-level-marketing supplements.
  • Find out why most internet health marketers, diet pill makers and magazines don’t want you to lose weight and never spend another penny searching for the right program for you.
  • Learn how to reduce your stress level from a hot as a tamale to cool as a cucumber in minutes with exercise and a few easy to carry snacks.
  • Learn how to supplement your diet with whole foods that will make you look younger, healthier, skinner and the envy of your friends family and co-workers.
  • Learn the 6 secrets to stop overeating and shed pounds in days.
  • Learn how easy it is to travel with no equipment, stay at hotels without gyms and never miss a beat in your exercise program.
  • Find out what to eat and where to eat when you’re on the road, traveling or have no where to go but MacDonalds or Pizza Hut.
  • Finally learn the truth about the most common foods and food additives that are poisoning you and making you fat.
  • Learn who and who NOT to go to for advice on how to eat, how to exercise and how to stay healthy.
  • Discover why you can’t rely on specific portions of protein, fat and carbohydrate if you want to live healthy, happy and energized.
  • Learn the 3 most effective, fat burning exercises that would put almost every personal trainer out of business… and get you in great shape!
  • …And more!

For a Limited Time, This System is Available for Immediate Download in Electronic Format AND in Audio MP3 Format

When you purchase “The Busy Person’s Fitness Solution” Starter Kit (Electronic) you will be immediately rushed over to a page where you can instantly download the electronic copy of the book and download the complete recorded Audio Book (Over 3 Hours!) to start reading and listening today!

Having both allows you to read when you can and then take it on the road or with your MP3 player for maximum results!

ipod fitness mp3

(Starter Kit (Electronic) includes the E-book, Audio MP3’s and Bonuses!)

Here’s what others are saying about “The Busy Person’s Fitness Solution”…

Kevin and Annmarie,
You guys have not only helped me set fitness goals that I thought at one time to be impossible, but your kind motivation has moved me to start changing my negative thinking into a positive attitude! I now have clearly defined goals that I strive to achieve everyday. Your willingness to share your knowledge and experience have made it a comfortable and easy transition into a new and healthy lifestyle.

Jaime B.


Kevin and Annmarie,
I followed your simple and fun exercises for the last month. I added some floor stretches to start. The whole routine starts off my morning by reaching for some exercises rather than some coffee. I changed thyroid medication, have been eating very healthy food, stepped up the exercise and lost 8 lbs. in a month. Thanks for making exercise fun and portable anywhere I go.

Justine M., Oregon


I really enjoyed the program. I thought the writing was inspirational and the whole concept of breaking exercise activities down into the point system kept me on track a lot better than other methods I have used.
I thought the Goal Setting section was very well written, I particularly liked getting very specific about the goals and making sure I had identified the “purpose for achieving” – it gave each goal an emotional component.
Thanks Kevin, it’s been great and I am glad to have your system as part of my repertoire. I am making progress on my goals.

Joanne M. Marketing Business Owner


This (program) was very straightforward and easy to understand/follow. I liked the point system, because using minutes intimidates me, and I would never exercise. But if I think of it in terms of exercises or points, it’s a lot easier to digest and to stick with the program.

Deana L. Independent Massage Therapist


I’m Willing to Do Whatever It Takes
to Get This Program in Your Hands

I want you to feel the relief that comes over you when you’ve started to look better and feel better almost effortlessly.

So, in addition to the “The Busy Person’s Fitness Solution” e-book and downloadable audio book, I’ve assembled some special bonuses worth more than the cost of the program, so I could make it a no-brainer for you to buy this package today.

You don’t deserve to feel this way and if I have to bribe you, I will. 🙂

The value these free bonuses combined is MORE than the cost of the entire program!

Special Bonus #1 – “The Top 12 Findings of The China Study… Startling Implications!
($10.00 Value)


What does THE most comprehensive study of nutrition ever conducted have to say about diet, weight loss, and long term health issues?

This exclusive report was produced by John Allen Mollenhauer, founder of and the Authors of The China Study, T Colin Campbell, PH.D, Professor Emeritus Nutritional Biochemistry Cornell University and Thomas Campbell III; BenBella Books 2005.


Special Bonus #2 – Burn Fat Fast: Get in Fabulous Shape and Look Amazing with Stair Exercises!
($47 Value)


Virgil is a master of making a gym out of a simple stairwell! No equipment? Not a bunch of time? No problem! With the Stair Exercises E-Book you will be able to blast through a workout in no time… just about anywhere there’s a second floor. Virgil has been a personal trainer in New York City for over 10 years and a high school physical educator for over 6 years. During these years he has helped hundreds of people from all walks of life reach their strength, fitness and health related goals. His career highlights include working along side major league baseball coaches and players like Mookie Wilson, Howard Johnson, Bobby Ojeda and Cookie Rojas as well as working with the New York Liberty Women’s basketball team.


Special Bonus #3 – The Secret Food of the Energy Rich
($97 Value)


Listen to a three part audio from the world’s authority on nutrition, David Wolfe. This series is lesson on one of the world’s most nutrient rich foods… Raw Chocolate!

This interview is provided for free courtesy of!


Special Bonus #4 – The 7 Back Pain Mistakes Audio CD
($27 Value)


Join Jesse Cannone as he explains the 7 Back Pain Mistakes people make and how to get the relief you deserve. This 60 minute audio CD is truly awesome!

All you have to do is pay for the shipping!


Special Bonus #5 – Power Programming for Weight Loss CD
($20.00 Value)


Learn as Dr. Tom Kersting takes you through his Power Programming system for maximum weight loss results. As a gift from Dr. Tom, with today’s purchase you will recieve a FREE weight loss or golf Power Programming CD!

All you have to do is pay for the shipping!


Special Bonus #6 – Cathy Moxley’s Abs and Buns Bonanza!
($27 Value)


Trim and tone your abs, thighs and butt with Cathy Moxley’s “Abs and Thighs Bonanza”. CAthy, author of “The Busy Mom’s Ultimate Fitness Guide” will give you the best exercises to get that six-pack of abs in no time!


Special Bonus #7 – Scott Colby’s 23 Awesome Outdoor Exercise Workbook
($37.00- Value)


Discover 23 exercises that you can do outside… anywhere you are with Scott Colby’s Outdoor Exercise Workbook.

Free with your purchase of “The Busy Person’s Fitness Solution”!


(Starter Kit (Electronic) includes the E-book, Audio MP3’s and Bonuses!)

If You Were to Take All this Information
or to Sit Down with All the Experts I’ve Compiled
It Would Cost You a Small Fortune

A conference call to answer your health and fitness questions with Annmarie and I for 1 hour together would cost you over $300 alone.

Some of the other experts charge over $500 for their personal time!

The cost of the package is $59.90. But for this introductory offer, I’m going to give it to the first 50 people for $37.97.

That’s 36.6% OFF of the regular selling price.

Why am I offering you this deal?

If I had enough time, didn’t have a business to operate, and didn’t have a fiancé and a really cute cat at home to take care of I’d honestly go door to door and read my book to who ever would listen.

I’m that passionate about what I do.

I want it to be an absolute no-brainer for you to buy my book, audios and interviews and start learning how to take back control of your health.

The information will give you an entirely different perspective on the health and fitness world from an insider that’s had enough with the gimmicks, gadgets, magazines and marketers.

I also need your help.

I can’t pass this information along alone, so I need you to help me spread the word. I’m on a mission to reach millions of people with my direct and easy to understand message of good health.

In order for me to do so, I want to help you get it all together and lose weight quickly and easily, first!


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