Kathryn Rheem – Creating Secure Connection in Couples Therapy: An Emotionally Focused Approach

Kathryn Rheem – Creating Secure Connection in Couples Therapy: An Emotionally Focused Approach

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Kathryn Rheem
3 Hours 30 Minutes
Audio and Video
Mar 23, 2017



  1. Overview of EFT
    1. EFT has 3 Stages and 9 Steps
    2. Goal: To help Couples Become Aware of Negative Interactional Patterns
    3. Three Elements Include: Attachment, Systemic View, Focus on Emotions
  2. 5 Basic Moves of EFT
    1. Reflect and Distill Present Process
    2. Unfold Deeper or New Emotions
    3. Turn New Experience into new Steps/signals to partner
    4. Explore How Each Experiences the New Steps
    5. Integrate and Validate
    6. Core Assumptions of EFT
  3. EFT Review of Pertinent Research
    1. Demonstrates 90% Increase in Satisfaction
    2. EFT Studied with fMRI
  4. EFT Focuses on Attachment and Bonding
    1. Interactional Patterns Reflect Attachment Styles
    2. Differentiating Primary and Secondary Emotions
    3. Insecurity Leads to Predictable Reactions
  5. Three Forms of Attachment Insecurity
    1. Anxious
    2. Avoidant
    3. Chaotic
  6. Treatment
    1. Involves Limbic Resonance, Regulation, and Revision
    2. Reciprocal Cycles Between Partners
  7. EFT Interventions Toward Developing Secure Attachments
    1. Intrapsychic
    2. Interpersonal
    3. Interactional Patterns
    4. 7 Steps of Intervention
  8. Stages of EFT
    1. De-escalation
    2. Re-structure the Bond
    3. Consolidation


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Kathryn Rheem, EdD, LMFT, is an ICEEFT certified trainer, supervisor, and therapist. She is the director of the Washington Baltimore Center for EFT.

Salepage: https://catalog.pesi.com//item/creating-secure-connection-couples-therapy-emotionally-focused-approach-21321
Archive: https://archive.ph/wip/EcRIc

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