Kate Vidulich News – Ultimate Accelerator Bundle

Kate Vidulich News – Ultimate Accelerator Bundle

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Now You Can Get a NEW Fat Blasting Workout for the Next 6 months to Skyrocket Your Calorie Burn

Dear Friend,

 /></div><p>Let me ask you something…Have you ever been in a crowded gym and seen people just wondering around doing random exercises?</p><p>Or maybe you’ve been that person…</p><p>…going around in circles with no real plan or program to follow, just killing time and not getting any results.</p><h1>Without a workout game plan you’re just killing time, not fat</h1><p>You want to keep your heart pounding, right?</p><p>You want to get in, have a plan, knock it, feel good about it and go home knowing that you just left a whole bunch of fat and calories on the floor.</p><h2>And that’s why you’ll love this Fat Burning Workout Bundle that I have for you for 89% OFF!</h2><p>Not only does it take just minimal equipment, you’ll get more volume done in less time, hit all your muscle groups and create a BIG caloric Afterburn… and that means super fast fat loss!</p><p>By the way, my name is Kate Vidulich, Exercise Physiologist, Master Certified Turbulence Trainer, and I’m an Aussie living the ‘freedom lifestyle’ that the great USA provides…</p><p>5 years ago I moved from Australia to New York City with 2 suitcases and $2000. Crazy… right?</p><p>Since then, I’ve been researching fat loss training and testing out what actually delivers rapid results — not just on myself, but with some of New York City’s wealthiest and powerful men and women, who just happen to be my clients.</p><p>Just like you, these people are busy.</p><p>These clients of mine can afford to hire any fitness trainer they want, but they choose me because I produce real results after spending years relentlessly testing the latest training methods to figure out the fastest way possible…</p><h2>This is a limited time opportunity to get 6 months of the BEST metabolic fat burning workouts at your fingertips, so that you never suffer workout boredom again.</h2><p>This amazing collection of proven, cutting edge fat loss workouts has never been offered anywhere else and it’s an exclusive special just for you. In fact, if you were to invest in these programs separately, you would pay at least $349.84!</p><p>However, on this page for a limited time ONLY, you’ll get the hottest collection of proven and unique Accelerator workout for less than the cost of a decent lunch in NYC.</p><p>This is my life’s work. The Ultimate Accelerator bundle will challenge and push you to the limits. And heck, we all know that you want to get even faster results without spending hours at the gym or starvation dieting.</p><p>That’s why I’m offering this incredible, extreme package at a crazy discount just for you.</p><p>You will also get fast, time efficient workouts that you can use for the next 6 months. You’ll never have to invest in another workout program or even a mediocre trainer EVER again.</p><p>Seriously, who needs hours upon hours of lame cardio and boring strength routines? Especially when you can triple your calorie burn in HALF the training time. Now you can use this proven done for you system all while saving an additional $ in the process!</p><div><h1>Here’s Exactly What You Get With The Fat Burning Workout Bundle…</h1></div><div><div><h3><img src=Accelerator Countdown Manual ($29.99 Value)

In the Accelerator Countdown Manual you will discover:

  • Never-seen-before collection of ladders, pyramids and “on the minute” workouts you can simply add-on to your favorite training program today
  • How to cut your exercise time in HALF using a brand new, scientifically proven, cutting-edge exercise protocol that is specifically designed to force the release of stubborn fat so you can burn off your belly – in ONLY 10 minutes…
  • Includes 15 fun intense workouts with exercise descriptions, step-by-step instructions, reference photos; everything you need to start right now.

 />Jump Rope Accelerators Manual ($29.99 Value)</h3><p><strong>In the Jump Rope Accelerators Manual you will discover:</strong></p><ul><li>Unique jump rope workouts that skyrocket your conditioning</li><li>15 challenging body sculpting workouts, plus 4 minute and 6 minute bodyweight workouts you can do with ZERO equipment.</li><li>High quality photos and detailed descriptions of each exercise to ensure you achieve the full fat burning potential of every move</li><li>And much more…</li></ul></div></div><div><div><h3><img src=MRT Madness Manual ($29.99 Value)

In the MRT Madness Workout Manual you will discover:

  • The breakthrough 28 day metabolic resistance training program for rapid results
  • You ONLY need dumbbells and your bodyweight for these insane total body workouts that will boost your metabolism for hours
  • The day-by-day workout plans so you know exactly what exercises you need to do on what days, with progress tracking charts.

 />Sprint Accelerators Manual ($29.99 Value)</h3><p><strong>In the Sprint Accelerators Manual you will discover:</strong></p><ul><li>Powerful 10 minute “hybrid” circuits to blast stubborn fat and get sexy results</li><li>You can easily lose 2-3 pounds of fat per week without ANY equipment</li><li>The most popular workouts like “Accelerator 300”, “I Hate Treadmills”, “20s Countdown” and more</li><li>And much more…</li></ul></div></div><div><div><h3><img src=Kettlebell Conditioning Package ($89.97 Value)

In the Kettlebell Conditioning Package you will discover:

  • In 28 days, how to progressively and systematically build your strength and cardio endurance with kettlebell, jump rope and bodyweight based movements.
  • In depth descriptions and high quality photos and videos of every single exercise in the program, with step-by-step instructions to execute the moves correctly.
  • How to boost your metabolism and test your conditioning with workouts like “Burping Windmills” and go extreme with “The 300 KB Accelerator”. Are you up for the challenge?

 />Interval Accelerators Package ($29.99 Value)</h3><p><strong>In the Interval Accelerators Package you will discover:</strong></p><ul><li>How to get lean and shredded with the powerful combination of interval training PLUS metabolic accelerators</li><li>Conditioning circuits to help you shed fat and get chiseled in the “right places”. You will never get bored again!</li><li>How to cut your workout time in HALF while still getting better fat loss results with the Accelerator MRT 30 bonus program</li><li>And much more…</li></ul></div></div><div><div><h3><img src=The Ultimate Half Marathon Training Plan ($29.99 Value)

In the The Ultimate Half Marathon Training Plan you will discover:

  • How to go from zero running to completing a half marathon in just 12 weeks
  • 64 pages worth of workouts, nutrition, hydration, and more…
  • Full strength and conditioning workouts for better overall performance
  • And much more…

 />Bodyweight Accelerators 2.0 ($29.95 Value)</h3><p><strong>In the Bodyweight Accelerators 2.0 Workout Manual you will discover:</strong></p><ul><li>The Top 10 Bodyweight Accelerator Workouts You Can Do At home or Your Hotel Without ANY Equipment</li><li>You can do these workouts to accelerate your fat loss and crank your metabolism in minutes.</li><li>The most popular workouts like “Density Delight”, “Top Gear ” and more</li></ul></div></div><div><div><h3><img src=MRT Meltdown Manual ($29.99 Value)

In the MRT Meltdown Workout Manual you will discover:

  • Intense 28 day metabolic resistance training program that is proven to destroy stubborn fat
  • You ONLY need dumbbells and your bodyweight for these insane total body workouts that will boost your metabolism for hours
  • The day-by-day workout plans so you know exactly what exercises you need to do on what days, with progress tracking charts.
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