Justin Woltering – Bigger Better Faster Now

Justin Woltering – Bigger Better Faster Now

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Are you a skinny, hard gainer with bad genes, desperate to build muscle? Then don’t worry because I know exactly how you feel and today I am going to show you the exact system that helped me overcome all these obstacles and appear on the front cover of the world’s top fitness magazines.

 /> I’ll tell you more about that in a minute, but first, let me introduce myself. My name is Justin Woltering and I am a Fitness Expert, Celebrity Trainer, and Dymatize Sponsored Athlete.</p><p> </p><p>I have been featured on television, The New York Times, Muscle & Fitness, Men’s Health, Huffington Post, Reps! Magazine, Men’s Fitness, Men’s Workout, Calendars, Book Covers, Fragrance and Clothing Campaigns, and much more.</p><p><strong>Think my methods can only work for bodybuilders, natural-born models, and other genetic freaks?</strong> Think again! I used to be rail-thin and weak, a total stranger to the weight room. When it came to building muscle, I had no clue what I was doing, and I thought I was going to be skinny forever.</p><p>Fortunately, I finally did figure out how to eat right and train hard, and I started growing muscle like crazy! After just a few months of doing things the right way, everyone I knew was telling me I looked like a totally different person. I packed on tons of mass, I got six-pack lean, and I gained a ton of confidence, to boot.</p><p>Getting there wasn’t easy, though. Before my progress took off, I spent YEARS spinning my wheels in the gym. I watched other guys get huge, while I could barely seem to gain a pound – on my body OR my bench press! Figuring out WHAT to do was as hard as actually doing it!</p><p>Now make no mistake, building muscle DOES take a ton of hard work – it just doesn’t need to take years of your life or an obsession with the gym. With focus and a proper plan, you really can make huge gains in just a few weeks. Instead of wasting your time on ineffective routines, you can shortcut your way to success by learning from MY experience and mistakes.</p><p>My cutting-edge fitness program has made me one of the most sought after celebrity trainers in the world. Because of the high-demand for my training services, I decided to create a revolutionary fitness program that can be used by anyone at anytime, no matter where you live.</p></div></section><section class= /></section><section class=

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I created this powerful system by utilizing my personal experience and success to help YOU finally get the body that you want and rightfully deserve… I’ve compiled all of this in a new, breakthrough fitness program and membership area that shows you exactly…

  • How to boost your body’s most important hormones that build muscle and flat out tell you…
  • What exercises will slap on pounds of quality muscle in no time. Is a curl as good an exercise as a squat? Can you build a huge chest without the bench press? Do you even need to lift heavy? I’ll tell you exactly what movements you should do to maximize your time and effort in the gym.
  • How to recover your body as quickly as possible. You can beat your body into the ground, but it’ll all be for nothing if you can’t recuperate. Muscle-building requires a constant cycle of hard training and recovery, so I’ll tell you exactly how you should rest up for your next workout.
  • What foods to eat to keep your body anabolic.
  • Proper lifting technique. You might know the best exercises, but can you actually perform them properly? I’ll give you the tips and tricks to make every rep as effective as possible. Don’t be just another joker who does half-squats and bouncy bench presses.
  • The truth about supplements, steroids, natural foods, philosophy… The stuff that nobody wants to talk about! Do you really NEED to buy supplements? Can you get big without steroids and other drugs? Are so-called “natural” foods the key to a strong, healthy body? It’s all in the Bigger Better Faster 2.0 ebook.
 /></p><p> </p><h2 style=There is NO such thing as a “Hard-Gainer!”

  • I don’t care if everything you’ve tried in the past failed you miserably. Contrary to popular belief, there is NO such thing as a “hard-gainer!” Some guys have it harder than others, but EVERYONE can get big through proper diet and training. You may have failed to gain muscle up until now, but that’s because you’ve been following the conventional wisdom. I’ll teach you the same methods that took me from a rail-thin weakling to an international fitness model.
  • I don’t care if you’ve tried all the supplements & programs that promise results, only to experience little or even no results at all. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, the supplement companies’ motivation is their bottom line. Why would they sell you affordable, effective products if they can make more money hocking overpriced, do-nothing crap? And the programs you usually see? They’re promoted by those same companies just to sell you more supplements. They’re just like big drug companies – they want to keep you on the hook, not cure you! Buck the trend, ditch the snake oil, and start getting real results.
  • I don’t care if you’ve been scrawny your entire life —this is guaranteed to work for you. Your genetics are only part of the equation. Sure, some guys have tons of trouble putting on mass – but others just can’t seem to lose a pound to save their lives. In the end, your weight gain or weight loss will all come down to your diet. And no, you haven’t REALLY tried “eating a lot” (or eating the right stuff) until you’ve followed a program like this one.
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 /></p><p> </p><ol><li><strong>Read the book and learn the steps in this life-changing program.</strong><br /> You probably want to dive right in, but hold on! You’ve been going gung-ho on horrible routines, and it’s gotten you nowhere. Make sure you really know the concepts and methods before you start messing around in the gym or the kitchen.</li><li><strong>Put what you’ve learned into action.</strong><br /> Sounds simple, but so few people take the most critical step – action! Half the battle is getting started, and you’ll feel like a whole new man once you complete that first REAL workout. Take this step, and you’ll already be ahead of 99% of the pack.</li><li><strong>Continue practicing your new lifestyle by lifting hard, eating right, and working out just 4 times per week.</strong><br /> Of course, you can do more than that if you want! I’m confident that you’ll achieve amazing results with just 4 workouts per week, but there’s nothing stopping you from hitting it hard every day. The book also outlines high-frequency training plans – and the high-performance diets they’ll require.</li></ol></div></section><section class=

Simply put… Once you say yes to Bigger, Better, Faster 2.0, it’s virtually impossible for you to fail at building muscle!