John Izzo – Advanced Strength Training Techniques

John Izzo – Advanced Strength Training Techniques

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Advanced Strength Training Skills DVD
Movement Prep Drills & Using the Dumbbell

Need it all in one package? Advanced Strength Training Skillsis nothing short on information and exercise instruction. This video is lead by John Izzo in a workshop setting and demonstrates alternative methods to warm-up and prepare the body for the workout. A series of movement prep drills are introduced followed by a team demonstration and later, a presentation on dozens of exercises that can be performed with dumbbells. Taken right from influences such as Michael Boyle and JC Santana, John demonstrates numerous exercises and mobility drills that are designed to make you a more efficient athlete, lifter, or instructor. Advanced Strength Training Skills is by far, the complete package and addresses entire exercise programs and is guaranteed to make your workout more productive.

Some techniques that you will learn in this video include:

  • “How to effectively prepare the shoulder girdle for upper-body workout.”
  • “How to effectively prepare the hips for a lower body workout.”
  • “Alternative ab exercises for core strength.”
  • “How to perform real-deal exercises on the stability ball without looking too fancy.”
  • “How to make the dumbbell the main focus of a workout.”
  • “How to truly raise your body temperature using mobility and pre-hab drills during warm-ups.”
Who is this video product designed for?

Advanced Strength Training Skills DVD

is designed for exercisers that have a few years of lifting experience under their belts. There is nothing basic in this video and nothing short of challenging dumbbell exercises that can be performed in your home or gym. Trainers and coaches will find that many of the exercises showcased in this video can be helpful in preparing athletes in the weight-room, as well as prior to physically demanding activities (marathon, ropes course, boot-camp, etc).

What will Advanced Strength Training Skills do for me?

Making you a better lifter, exerciser, and fitness professional is the goal of this video. The workshop is attended by trainers and fitness enthusiasts alike–some with experience–but all that have the desire to learn new and exciting techniques. If you are getting bored of your current exercise program, or if you need to spice things up, this video can liven things up in your workout and give you more information as to why and how’s of certain exercises. if you are not a fan of the stability ball, you will learn how “tough” it can be and how “tough” you will become when added into your arsenal of exercises.


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