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Jason Klein – 180-Abs

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Discover the Global Ab-Targeting Technique
That Carves out Your Mid-Section
in Only 3-Minutes Per Day

Top Fat-Loss Expert Reveals:

  • 3 Mistakes that You Must Stop Making in Order to Melt Lower Belly Fat Fast
  • The 3-Minute Global Ab Targeting Solution that Tightens and Sculpts Your Midsection
  • Exactly How to Transform Your Abs in as Little as 6-Weeks

Jason Klein, MS, CSCS
Fitness Author and Performance Coach

There I stood absolutely shocked.

Just 2 short months earlier, I had been on the “100 sit ups a day,” plan.

By the way that’s what I looked like on 100 sit ups per day, below.

Lean? Sure, but no less flabby.

In-fact, I felt that my fat was being pushed out even more than before!

Might as well have thrown in a Buns of Steel VHS tape from the 90’s, because this sure has heck wasn’t going anywhere, anytime soon. />You probably can relate to my story of countless, mindless reps of God knows what.</p><div>“Sit ups,” right?</div></div><div>You see, countless reps of any exercise is not the greatest idea, especially if you want to see definition and muscle. What most people don’t realize, is that the more reps that they do, the more their stomach pushes out, only to find that…</div><h4>1) The fat is still there. <br />2) The abs still aren’t showing.</h4><p>Sound familiar?</p><p><em>I’ve experienced the same old dead-end over and over, but not anymore. </em></p><p>Like most other 20, 30 and 40 year olds, I could always pretty much pull my own weight and push through almost any physical challenge, but this abs one was getting to my head.</p><h3><strong>All of My Body was Lean, EXCEPT My Abs!</strong></h3><p>My abs always seemed to conveniently hold that last little strip of fat that I just couldn’t get off…</p><p>Now, <strong>take a second and imagine</strong> yourself always having that last bit of stomach fat… that last 5-10 pounds, or maybe even 1 pound just staying there, indefinitely.</p><div><img src=I’m not sure about you, but just imagining that frustrates the heck out of me.

And I don’t know about you, but I know that there was no possible way that I was going to just sit there and get content over the last little bit of fat that covered my abs.

“Everyone has a 6-pack, most people’s are just covered by fat..”

We all need muscle around our abdominal region to stay alive and to keep our internal organs safe, so yeah, we all have smooth abs… the only catch is that most of us just can’t see them.

So there I was, stuck and helpless, like you and probably everybody else reading this page is too..

Now, you are probably just as stuck and helpless as I had been prior to finding out the insane technique that I’m going to share with you below…

As crazy as it sounds, all of the trouble started to go away after I started to implement this technique.


1. Stop Doing Countless Reps of Pointless Exercises

 /></div><p>I guarantee that if you keep doing this it will only further your agitation and slow your progress. Not to mention, you’ll eventually get injured from all of the excessive hip flexion. You saw where it got me, absolutely no-where.</p></div><div><h3>2. Stop Eating Like A Chicken</h3><div><img src=

A major deterrent to great looking abs is your snacking habits.

Those who assume that having a little snack here and a little snack there just to “keep the metabolism going at full steam,” are sadly mistaken. I’ll reveal the truth about eating for abs in a few moments.

3. Stop Training Only Local Ab Muscles

 /></div><p>One of the most mis-understood concepts in getting a great looking abs is to only train the muscles on the top of the stomach, also known as the rectus abdomonis. The truth is, that there are over 10 different muscle groups that make up the “core,” and most people fail to contract all but 1 or 2 at most.</p></div><p>Now that I’ve shed some light on the top mistakes that you are probably making, I will cut straight to the chase and give you the exact formula that I use on a daily basis to keep awesome looking abs all year round.</p><p>It’s called <strong>Global Ab Targeting</strong>, and has been a Godsend for me and all of the folks below.</p><p>Let me just cut passed the fluff and just share the steps with you, because you’re going to start using these today – I guarantee it.</p><p>Long story short, the muscles of the body are classified into two systems of muscle: Local muscular system and Global muscular system.</p><p>You see, the <strong>local </strong>muscles of the abs are fairly easy to target…</p><p>But the Global Ab Muscles?</p><p>Not so…</p><p>Allow me to introduce you to</p></div><p><img loading=

Here are the Global Ab Muscles:

 /></div><p>See, the big picture of Global Ab Targeting is to <strong>put stimulus on the entire chain of the core musculature in an effort to shape the entire chain of muscles, not just the abdominals.</strong></p><p>So the trick is, to consistently place enough stimulus on the Global Ab Muscles in order to shape them the way we want them…</p><p><strong>And here’s how to do it:</strong></p><div><h3>1. Contract the Diaphragm <em>First</em></h3><div><img src=

The big thing that you’re probably missing out on in your ab training is the full contraction of your entire abdominal complex. To fix this, it begins with how we contract the diaphragm.

The first thing that should move when you breathe is your stomach (in an outward motion). Most people experience their chest expanding first when they breathe. This leads to in-efficiency. Imagine that your stomach is a balloon, and fill it up with air prior to your contraction.

2. Contract the Abdominals

 /></div><p>Now that the diaphragm is contracting properly, it will be almost automatic for the rest of the abdominal complex to contract at 100%. Give it that last contraction to set the abdominals and obliques into full contraction.</p></div><div><h3>3. Contract the Glutes</h3><div><img src=

Here is the thing that surprises most people. Squeezing your glutes will add even more contraction throughout the entire core and even the abdominals. Squeeze the glutes as hard as possible throughout any movement that involves the core.

4. Eat Dense Foods

 /></div><p>This part obviously doesn’t have to do with contraction, but still is perhaps the most important element to getting your abs to show. What are dense foods? Dense food examples: Beef, Broccoli, Spinach, Carrots, Apples, and Walnuts. And contrary to popular belief, it is beneficial for your fat burning, hormonal processes to consume something like a banana split or apple pie at least one day per week.</p></div><div><p>Repeating this cycle about <strong>five times</strong> per week is optimal.</p><p>Now – although easier said than done, <strong>Global Ab Targeting</strong> only takes me <strong>3-minutes at a time</strong> and no more than once per day.</p><p>Just wait until you experience it first hand…</p><h3>“Ok, So Why Should I Trust You?”</h3><div><div><img src=

Now, although I have been featured in a handful of some of the most popular fitness sites in the world and have invested over $60,000 on my personal and professional growth in exercise physiology… my clients and their results (below) speak for the 180-Abs program.



 /></div><div><h2>180-Abs Program ($297 value)</h2><p>This extensive core-training program will not only help you shape rock hard abs, it’s also going to help you get more defined throughout your entire mid-section. You’ll use the cutting edge techniques from this system long after your program is over. </p></div></div><div><div><h2>180° Follow-along Level 1 Videos</h2><p>10, Core Sculpting Ab Routines:</p><p>Level 1 Focuses on Proper Activation of the Entire Core and Lays the Ab Foundation. </p></div><div><img src=

180° Follow-along Level 2 Videos

10, Fat Torching Ab Routines:

Level 2 Introduces Progressions and Throws in Some Additional Burn into the Midsection.

 /></div></div><div><div><h2>180° Follow-along Level 3 Videos</h2><p>10, Washboard-Ab Routines:</p><p>Level 3 Stirs the Pot and Ups the Challenge. You’ll be feeling your Abs Grow after Each of These workouts.</p></div><div><img src=

180° Follow-along Level 4 Videos

10, Ab-Molding Routines:

Level 4 Tests Your Strength Endurance and Molds the Entire Core to Specification.

 /></div></div><div><div><h2>180° Follow-along Level 5 Videos</h2><p>10, Ab-Annihilator Routines:</p><p>The Grand Finale. These 10 Workouts Will Give Your Abs that Last Bit of Dosage Needed to Build an Awesome looking Core.</p></div><div><img src=

180° Global Ab Targeting Manual

The 180° Global Ab Targeting Manual breaks down every exercise and modification within the program. The ab manual also gives you detailed descriptions of each workout along with photos of the exercises to help you get the most results in the least amount of time.

If you don’t have access to the videos, simply refer to this manual and you’ll be good to go!

 /></div></div><div><div><h2>180° Grub Manual: Exactly How to Eat for ‘Smokin’ Abs</h2><p>The180° Grub Manual breaks down everything from<br /> when I eat, what I eat, and why. Included in this<br /> Invaluable manual are my portion templates and authorized foods list.</p></div><div><img src=

180° Interactive Quickstart Video-Guide

The 180° Interactive Quickstart Video-Guide
will set you on the fast track to success. It’s going to
show you exactly how to track your results from start
to finish, and to assess how far you’ve come. Plus, I
get to lead you through all of it.

 /></div></div></div><p><img loading=

Here’s some recent feedback that I got from those who recently completed 180 Abs…

They said that they…

“Look better naked”

“Dropped 2% body fat within the first 3-weeks”

“See the abs”

“Feel and look stronger”

“Raise maximum strength”

“Feel more attractive”

But don’t take it from me…


The Bonuses ($97 value)

Inner Circle Access, Free for 30-days: ($97 value)

In the Inner Circle, you’ll get insider access to Jason and the most motivated individuals that are also completing 180-Abs. A pillar to success is social support, and that is what the Inner Circle provides.

 /></div></div><div><h3>The Bonuses ($47 value)</h3><div><h2>Jason’s Personal Ab-Hacks and Methods, Video ($47 value)</h2><p>Jason spills all the beans in his Personal Ab-Hacks and Methods video. You’ll learn…</p><ul><li>The number one strategy</li><li>What carbs are best for the abs</li><li>What not to do for abs</li><li>The keys to fat loss around the abs</li></ul></div><div><img src=

The Bonuses ($47 value)

180 Abs Wall Charts ($47 value)

You’ll be able to eliminate all guesswork with the 180 Abs Wall Charts. Stay on track throughout the entire program and track progress with the 180 Abs Wall Charts.

 /></div></div><div><img loading=

Salepage: http://www.180abs.com/
Archive: https://web.archive.org/web/20160704172746/http://www.180abs.com/

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