James Talo & Andre Noel Potvin – The Great Kettlebell Handbook

James Talo & Andre Noel Potvin – The Great Kettlebell Handbook

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Join James and Nathan For These Four Live, Online Webinars and We’ll Make You a Master at Creating Instant Change
Webinar 1. How to Quickly and Easily Change People’s Reality

Thursday, January 17 at 7pm GMT / 2PM EST

  • The Cobb Loop – the secret to how people shape their own reality
  • Patterns – the nature of cognitive and behavioral patterns and how you can easily reshape someone’s behavios
  • The three levels of Mind and how this can supercharge your hypnosis skills
  • The three “Secret Tools” which virtually force people to change their beliefs and thoughts
  • How to rapidly create small changes which snow- ball into life altering transformations
  • The ‘Head, Heart and Gut’ Rapid Change Process

Webinar 2. Structuring Micro-Changework Interventions for Rapid Breakthroughs

Friday, January 18 at 7pm GMT / 2PM EST

  • Create rapid change overtly and covertly
  • How to rapidly free someone from a problem or limitation
  • The persuasion strategy that everyone should be born knowing
  • James’ ground breaking Hypnosis Without Trance model
  • The ‘Essence of Change’ set
  • The ‘Clean Future Pace’ technique
  • Developing heightened sensory acuity and observation skills
  • Create powerful, positive experiences out of nothing

Webinar 3. Advanced Reality Busting Skills to Make You a Master at Creating Transformation

Monday, January 22 at 7pm GMT / 2PM EST

  • The “Creation and Deconstruction” process for changing someone’s entire world view
  • Exploiting the difference between the conscious and the unconscious mind
  • How to body holds the key to mental change, and how to utilize this breakthrough
  • The “Tripp De-Focusing Protocol” and how this can instantly change minds
  • The secret behind eye movement and how to use this to influence and minds and interpret thoughts
  • How undetectable unconscious processes can influence thoughts and feelings
  • How to directly manipulate experience through multiple channels

Webinar 4. Conversational Tricks to Create Instant Change Even with the Most Stubborn People

Tuesday, January 22 at 7pm GMT / 2PM EST

  • How to easily prepare the mind to make massive shifts
  • The “Power Question” which instantly gives you control over any interaction
  • What you *must have* in order to help people create powerful changes
  • The forgotten NLP trick which every hypnotist must learn
  • How to push the boundaries of someone’s reality within an ordinary conversation
  • How to rapidly defeat a negative world view and eliminate limiting beliefs
  • The trick which you knew as a child but have probably since forgotten which can give you incredible persuasive leverage

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  • Master the latest skills to create instant transformations in others – whenever and wherever you want to!
  • You get unlimited access to all four live training sessions where you’ll discover everything and be personally coached and help through the entire process
  • You can ask your questions live, and submit them in advance
  • Listen from your computer or dial in over the phone
  • Even if you can’t make the times, you get unlimited access to the recording
  • Get complete access to the transcripts once they’re ready
  • No questions asked money back guarantee valid throughout the entire webinar series
  • Only 17 10 remaining spots available! (We’re keeping the group small so we can be sure to answer all your questions, and make sure you’re confident with using this stuff in the real world)

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