Gray Cook & Brett Jones – Certified Kettlebell – Functional Movement Specialist – Home Study

Gray Cook & Brett Jones – Certified Kettlebell – Functional Movement Specialist – Home Study

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15 DVDs ripped to .

AVI. Re-posted with corrected audio.Imagine a GPS system that not only shows you the fastest way to reach your goal—but magically zooms in on, eliminates and fixes every obstacle, pothole, speed bump and detour currently slowing you down.

Oh, and the same GPS system does double-duty again by acting as a warning and instant-fix-it system for your vehicle!Well, that’s what you get when you combine the very best of RKC with the very best of FMS: a “Movement-GPS System” that kills ten birds with one stone—spotting the deficiencies, fixing them and fast-tracking you forward —so you can leap into action and perform at the very highest level, NOW… So say hello to your new “little friend”—Gray Cook & Brett Jones’ Certified Kettlebell-Functional Movement Specialist (CK-FMS) Home Study Course—the shoot-first, take-no-prisoners battle-pack for the ultimate in enhanced performance systems. The FMS protocols are considered an essential part of training in many of the NFL’s best teams, including four out of the last five Super Bowl champions. Numerous other competitive athletes and their coaches swear in similar fashion to the power of FMS for not only keeping them at play, but performing at the highest possible level—safely. Branches of the military, including many elite units have welcomed FMS as a superb addition to their combat-readiness training procedures.

Pavel’s Hardstyle RKC protocols have received similar acclaim from an equally broad range of athletes, martial artists and military personnel.

Gray Cook has strongly endorsed Hardstyle RKC.

Pavel has strongly endorsed FMS…Only natural then that Pavel and Gray Cook should join forces to offer RKCs a special program that integrates the best of RKC with the best of FMS.

When word first got about the CK-FMS, Dragon Door’s top RKCs rushed to sign up.

The result was an event that had hands-down the highest quality group of coaches and trainers ever mustered together at one time in one place for one workshop. And the results were of course beyond spectacular….

Now one of the problems, of course, was the sheer wealth of information Gray and Brett revealed over the three days of the CK-FMS. How on earth could the trainees be expected to remember it all?

The solution was to record the whole training—every little detail and gem of it—so that the CK-FMS instructors could go back and refer over and over to the goldmine of tips and strategies they had been exposed to.And the CK-FMS is so valuable, so performance-enhancing we wanted to make sure all future CK-FMS instructors had the same materials to rely on in the future for refining their skills to the same dizzy heights.

However, the CK-FMS certification workshop was a “closed-door” training—limited strictly to RKCs only. Could we in all honor share the CK-FMS treasury with those “outside the door”?

After all, the fortunate few at CK-FMS had earned the right to attend big time—by first qualifying as RKCs and by investing often several thousand dollars in workshop tuitions, travel and hotel expenses.We thought long and hard about this, but finally decided it was more important to ensure our instructors had the resources they needed to fully succeed, than to worry about our secrets falling into the “wrong” hands.As one of my great mentors used to warn: “Don’t leave your fortune to your memory!” In other words, our instructors would be leaving way too much on the table if they had to rely only on their memory of the training itself.Plus, the CK-FMS Home Study Course would prove to be an invaluable tool for those preparing to attend a live certification training.And nothing finally ever takes the place of that live, hands-on experience, as all who attended the first CK-FMS will be the first to attest!Attendance in person at the CK-FMS certification workshop is absolutely essential if you wish to attain the full range of competencies expected of a certified specialist. Dragon Door offers the CK-FMS Home Study Course for those who wish to optimize their skills before, during and after their certification process.The CK-FMS Home Study Course is for those athletes, trainers and coaches who want to:—Dramatically improve their own and others’ functional and athletic performance—Significantly reduce the potential of training and sports injuries for themselves and their clients—Significantly reduce the recovery time from prior sports injuries for themselves and their clients—Exponentially increase their potential income as a winning athlete or as a coach and trainer—Significantly upgrade their own personal strength, conditioning and resilienceThe first section of the CK-FMS Home Study Course teaches you the entire fundamentals of the Functional Movement Screen system, combining lecture with invaluable examples of hands-on lab work.

This program is a product of years of innovation and current research. The philosophy starts with a system that monitors fundamental movement. Armed with this crucial knowledge, you can successfully develop corrective exercise programs based on individual movement patterns. FMS is equally effective in fitness and sports conditioning because it targets the “weak link in movement”. After this part of the Course you can confidently:– Identify physical imbalances or weaknesses and strengthen them with simple corrective exercises– Teach the difference between movement quality and movement quantity—so your clients themselves understand how they can achieve better results with less apparent effort– Identify current injury trends and stats as they relate to the prevention of non-contact injuries– Understand how “primitive” movement can hold the keys to unlocking your physical restrictions– Use hands on/passive stretching – to help you become more comfortable touching clients and start to understand the CNS communication between yourself and the client.– Eliminate poor movement and quickly, effectively, and efficiently replace it with good movement– Establish a personal benchmark for your own movement patterns with a clear direction and path to help you be more mobile.The Key 12 Advantages You’ll Gain When You Master The Functional Movement Screen Fundamentals:Mastery Advantage

# 1: Instantly cut through the clutter—and zero in with uncanny accuracy on what really works to enhance your own and your client’s movement.Mastery Advantage

# 2: End the wild guessing and vagueness about your clients’ progress—with a scientific, functional baseline to confidently mark their improvements.Mastery Advantage

# 3: Own a “Done-For-You”, dummy-proof screen that gives you reliable, specific and above all reproducible specific markers for your clients’ movement problems.Mastery Advantage

# 4: Quickly and reliably improve your client’s functional fitness and athletic performance—and earn their undying gratitude.Mastery Advantage

# 5: Be a long-term hero for an ever-increasing group of devoted clients—as you significantly reduce their potential for training and sports injuries.Mastery Advantage

# 6: Possess a simple, yet amazingly effective grading system to assess movement patterns—and immediately spot the lurking problems.Mastery Advantage

# 7: Confidently assess and easily enhance physical performance for the widest range of client—from the athletic to the average fitness buff.Mastery Advantage

# 8: Scientifically identify your clients’ physical imbalances, limitations, and weaknesses—then be able to offer a rack of trench-tested solutions to those vulnerabilities.Mastery Advantage

# 9: Enhance your clients’ fundamental movement patterns with simple corrective exercises—an immediate “take-home” that will have some of your clients wonder if you practice magic on the side.Mastery Advantage

# 10: Proudly toss out the “one-size-fits-all” nonsense that often masquerades as training—now that you can scientifically individualize your clients’ programs for specific results.Mastery Advantage

# 11: Understand how to identify potential cause and effect relationships of micro-trauma as well as chronic injuries in relation to movement asymmetries and weakness—this one skill will set you apart from 98% of all trainers out there!Mastery Advantage

# 12: Understand how to give your client that all-important “Ah-Hah!” moment—that creates utter belief in your ability to identify and fix their weaknesses.Contents

Volume 1 Introduction to the FMS and CK-FMS * Origins of FMS * Introduction to FMS & CK-FMS * Introduction to Screening, Testing and Assessing * The Deep Squat * The Functional Movement Screen

Volume 2 The 7 FMS Tests * FMS: Screening the Deep Squat * FMS: Screening the Hurdle Step * FMS: Screening the In-Line Lunge * FMS: Screening the Shoulder Mobility * FMS: Screening the Active Leg Raise * FMS: Screening the Deep Squat * FMS: Screening the Push-Up * FMS: Screening Rotary Stability * FMS: Q & A

Volume 3 How to Perform the Screen * Lab Intro: Scoring Check-Off * How to Perform a Screen Volume 4 Screening Lab Work and the Get-Up * Lab Work Introduction * Screening Practice Lab: The Deep Squat * Screening Practice Lab: The Hurdle Step * Screening Practice Lab: The In-Line Lunge * Screening Practice Lab: Shoulder Mobility * Screening Practice Lab: The Active Straight Leg Raise * Screening Practice Lab: The Push-Up * Screening Practice Lab: Rotary Stability * Illustrating the Screen with the Turkish Get-Up * Screening Practice Lab: The Turkish Get-Up * The Extreme Naked Get-Up

Volume 5 Introduction to the FMS Corrective Strategies and Progressions * Introduction to Corrective Exercise Strategies and Progressions * Corrective Exercise Strategies Progressions

Volume 6 Correcting the 7 tests * Correcting The Deep Squat * Correcting The Hurdle Step * Correcting The In-Line Lunge * Correcting Exercise Q & A * Correcting Shoulder Mobility * Correcting Rotary Stability * Correcting The Active Straight Leg Raise * Correcting The Push-Up * Correcting The Squat

Volume 7 Advanced Corrective Strategies by Pattern * Squatting Patterns * Lunging Patterns * Single Leg Stance Patterns * Forward Bending Patterns * Quadruped Patterns

Volume 8 The Turkish Get-Up, The Brettzel and additional Corrections * Connecting the Get-Up and Active Straight Leg Raise * Textbook Turkish Get-Up Demo * Coaching the Turkish Get-Up * Turbo Charge for the Active Straight Leg Raise * The Brettzel * Pavel Does the Brettzel * Fixing the Shoulder * General Q & A

Volume 9 Active Straight Leg Raise and Shoulder Mobility Corrections * Active Straight Leg Raise Corrections * Active Straight Leg Raise Corrections: Q & A * Shoulder Mobility Corrections: Q & A Volume 10 The Red/Yellow/Green Kettlebell Clearance List and Discussion * Red/Yellow/Green Kettlebell Clearance List * Red/Yellow/Green Kettlebell Clearance List: Q & A

Volume 11 Primitive Patterns * Lab Demo: Rotary Stability Corrections * Coaching the Rotary Stability Pattern

Volume 12 Squat, Hurdle Step and Lunge Corrections * Squat, Hurdle Step and Lunge Corrections * Squat, Hurdle Step and Lunge Corrections: Q & A

Volume 13 Selective Functional Movement Assessment * Selective Functional Movement Assessment

Volume 14 Lab Work: Kettlebell Corrections * Lab: Stretches for deep Squat, In-Line Lunge & Hurdle Step * Lab: Single Leg Deadlift * Lab: The Patterning Deadlift * Lab: The Static Kneeling Press * Troubleshooting the Squat

Volume 15 Example of Complete Screen: Final Q & A * Example of Complete Screen * Final Q & A * What to Do When You Go Back Home About Gray Cook


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