Christine McDonnell – Feel Young, Healthy & Sexy with Bioidentical Hormones

Christine McDonnell – Feel Young, Healthy & Sexy with Bioidentical Hormones

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So many aspects of our physical and emotional health are determined by our hormonal balance. As we age, particularly as we approach mid life Menopause or Andropause, our hormone levels decline with distressing and potentially very serious consequences. Symptoms can include:
•Weight Gain
•Hot flashes
•Night Sweats
•Hair Loss
•Mature Onset Diabetes
•Hyper or Hypo Thyroidism
And much more!
Many people will tell you this is all just part of getting older BUT IT DOESN”T HAVE TO BE.

There is a safe, natural way to bring your hormones back into balance and that is Bioidentical Hormone Supplementation.

Unlike Synthetic HRT, Biodientical Hormones have been designed to be molecularly identical to the hormones your body produces so they are generally very well received with minimal or no side effects.

Also unlike Synthetic HRT, Bioidentical Hormones are not a ‘one size fits all’ treatment but can be compounded in quantity and delivery methodology, especially to suit your symptoms and lifestyle.

This book contains quantitative, therapist quality information, designed to thoroughly inform you about Bioidentical Hormones and to enable you to make a decision as to whether this therapy may be right for you.
It covers:
Information On How Bio Identical Hormones Are Received Well By Your Body Because They Are Molecularly Identical To The Hormones Produced By The Human Body.(Page 5)
Understand The Difference Between Bio-Identical And HRT And Avoid The Dangerous Side Effects Of HRT.(Page 7)
 Understand How They Work In Your Body And What They Can Do For You(Page 14)
Early Signs Of Hormonal Imbalance And What You Can Do About It (Page 6)
How To Correct These Hormonal Imbalances Naturally And Quickly, Within 4 Weeks In Most Cases, So That You Start To Feel Younger And More Sexy. (Page 25)
Progesterone, Estrogen, Testosterone And DHEA Explained (Page 14)
 Alternatives And Strategies To Correct These Problems (Page 17)
Information On How To Get The Correct Pathology And Testing Done To Ensure You Get The Right Prescription For You. (Page 26)
Essential Advice And Information On All The Different Methods Of Delivering Bio-Identical Hormones (12)
Signs And Symptoms Of Health Issues That Can Affect The Health Of Your Hormones And The Simple Solutions To Them.
How Fatigue And Burnout Affect Your Hormones And What You Can Do About It (Page 20)
How To Have A Great Sex Life No Matter What Age You Are (Page 24)
Chart Of Differences Between Synthetic HRT & Bio Identical Hormones (Page 19)
Controversies & Safety Of Bio Identical Hormones (Page 24)
Are Bio Identical Hormones For You? (Page 25)


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