Chris Barnard – Total Power Training

Chris Barnard – Total Power Training

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The problem with most athletic training programs is they borrow
far too heavily from a bodybuilder style Of training and completely
neglect the role Of the nervous system in the development Of
athletic prowess
Most athletes train using this bodybuilding approach only to
discover, the muscle they eventually develop has little to
no functional Carryover to their given sport
A better approach to training when performance is the goal is to
focus on high quality movement which emphasizes either speed
power Or functional strength. In the past programs like this were
rare and Often too complex for the budding athlete to follow without
the supervision Of a high Evel coach
This is why I created the Total Power Training system. TPT is
the first program Of it’s kind to Structure performance training on an
easy to follow frame-work specifically for athletes

My secret series of exercises which strengthen the posterior chain leading to faster sprint times and a higher vertical jump

A variety of easy to follow plyometric routines to excite the central nervous system and tap into your explosive power

A short but wickedly effective total body warm-up routine which breaks your body of restrictive patterning, allowing you to express your true athletic potential

A wide-array of athletic training movements which can be easily swapped in and out of your program so you can train in any facility – regardless of equipment

A systemic approach to clearing out muscle imbalances and re-aligning the body into the proper position to exhibit maximal speed, strength and power

A plug and play system of training which will make you a better overall athlete – regardless of sport

The exact system I used to prepare for the NFL combine, where I outperformed players currently playing in the league

A radically different approach to injury prevention which guarantees you stay on the field, court or pitch the entire season







Q: What is Total Power Training and how was it developed?

A: Total Power Training is a revolutionary performance training system. It was developed by former University football player and Strength Coach Chris Barnard. It is the first training program designed to help athletes from all manner of sport maximize their power without sacrificing development of sport specific skill

Q: What makes Total Power Training different from other strength training programs

A: Most training programs currently on the market are based around an antiquated, non-functional approach to training; bodybuilding. Total Power Training is one of the few programs where the primary focus is shifted from the muscular system to the central nervous system and the development of functional characteristics in the athlete

Q: Is this program only for people who play baseball, basketball or football?

A: Absolutely not. As a sports performance coach I work with a variety of athletes. The Total Power Training program is the exact framework I use with all my athletes- ranging from varsity swimmers to professional dancers. Take it from me… If it can be used to transform this wide array of athletes into champions, it will do the same for you

Q: My son is 13 is he old enough to follow your program?

A: YES, studies have supported that weight lifting displays NO damage to the epiphyseal plates this is the myth that young kids have there growth stunted by lifting. I know plenty who have followed this from 11 and up… It’s more about form and safety.


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