[Download Now] James Tripp – Hypnosis Without Trance HomeStudy Program

[Download Now] James Tripp – Hypnosis Without Trance HomeStudy Program

[Download Now] James Tripp – Hypnosis Without Trance HomeStudy Program

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[Download Now] James Tripp – Hypnosis Without Trance HomeStudy Program



James Tripp – Hypnosis Without Trance HomeStudy Program

Full Access…

Full video demos and tutorials for 5 specific phenomena (from ‘hand stick’ to ‘amnesia’ to ‘invisibility’)
6 + hours detailed audio instruction unpacking the principles, protocols and linguistics
Supporting session transcripts and resource documents
Bonus tutorials and materials

“With the Hypnosis Without Trance Hypnosis Mastery Programme you can become an impactful hypnotist, hypnotising with confidence, style and precision…

…without having to spend thousands of pounds or dollars!”

“Brilliant and revolutionary! Hypnosis Without Trance has totally changed the way I look at things…”

Alan Whitton Hypnotherapist and NLP Coach, creator of Fighter’s Mind

Dear Hypnotist/Hypnotist to be…
First of all, thank you for visiting this site and taking the time to further your education about hypnosis. I hope you have had a chance to look around and check out the Blog and testimonials – if you have you will already know something of the quality and power of the Hypnosis Without Trance approach, and may well have already decided to learn it.

Obviously, the very fact that you are here and reading this means that you are already interested in learning more deeply about hypnosis. My hope would be that you have both high standards and high aspirations in this area, with a goal is to learn hypnosis fully and become a truly great hypnotist.

I hope that this is so because hypnosis is a wonderful art and deserves to be practised at the highest levels of skill and elegance!

A superb and well developed approach – the most impressive I’ve ever seen!”

Robert Whittington Hypnotist and Hypnotherapist

So, if I am right about you, and your desire to learn and be truly excellent, then it stands to reason that as a hypnotist you will want to be able to…

Hypnotise quickly and easily
Successfully and convincingly elicit strong hypnotic phenomena (catalepsy, amnesia, hallucination etc.)
Effectively utilise the true mechanisms of hypnosis and avoid outdated ‘folklore’
Be capable enough to work with a range of subjects across a range of contexts

But here’s the thing…

Hypnotists who can really do these things are actually quite rare! And what’s more, the fact that they can’t mostly isn’t even their fault!

The problem lies in what they were taught – an approach to hypnosis based in
outdated methods and myths.

The truth is that most hypnotists (99+% at a guess) rely on unnecessary ‘trance’ inductions! And many (including most professionally trained hypnotherapists) do not really know how to elicit genuine hypnotic phenomena (mistakenly thinking that ‘trance’ is the hypnosis itself).

If you have had a good look around this site you will already know that Hypnosis Without Trance is different – it is a modern and effective take on hypnosis that enables the practitioner to directly elicit powerful hypnotic phenomena – literally changing the subjects reality – without any need for trance induction or deepening whatsoever.

This is important, because…

Trance is a red herring!

9 times out of 10, chasing trance actually makes it more difficult to get the hypnotic phenomena that you want!

Hypnosis Without Trance recognises this, and as such teaches a skillset that enables you to take people directly and precisely into vivid hypnotic experiences, instead of into an unnecessary altered state that doesn’t relate to that experience. In this respect Hypnosis Without Trance is…

Direct, Precise and Powerful!

Watch this Demonstration Video to see
Hypnosis Without Trance in action:

“James… You are a member of an elite circle of hypnosis trainers – you’re the real deal.”

Michael Watson NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer of Hypnosis and NLP

The content of this programme is powerful…

The content of this programme is delivered with clarity and precision across 3 different media formats to increase the ease and rate of learning. Much of the video is filmed out ‘in the field’ so whilst the filming is rough and ready it is that way because it is 100% impromptu and real-world. The material across the programme is of the highest instructional quality, teaching exclusive Hypnosis Without Trance insights and skills that get hypnosis happening fast.

This programme has been rated by both top hypnotists and beginners alike as being one of the best (rated by many as the best) packages for learning hypnosis available in the market today. It is all cutting edge, and all ’21st century’. Essentially…

…there is no other Hypnosis Learning Programme that is anything like this available anywhere else on Earth!

“This material has taught me more about Hypnosis than my previous 20 years in Psychology and 4 years as a practicing Hypnotherapist.

Hypnotherapists are sometimes very scathing of this stuff, perhaps scared at what they might accomplish!

This material should be a standard requirement for ANY Hypnotist wanting to bring about real change. Everything is demonstrated without anything held back and explained in finest detail, to satisfy all learning styles.

If you don’t learn this stuff you will be left behind!”

Michael Skirving DNLP, DHyp, LAPHP Hypnotist and Hypnotherapist, West Mids

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