[Download Now] A Fireside Chat With Lester Levenson

[Download Now] A Fireside Chat With Lester Levenson

[Download Now] A Fireside Chat With Lester Levenson

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[Download Now] A Fireside Chat With Lester Levenson



A Fireside Chat With Lester Levenson

Salepage : Lester Levenson – (Sedona Method) – Fireside Chat with Lester LevensonArichive : Lester Levenson – (Sedona Method) – Fireside Chat with Lester Levenson

Most of you, I’m sure, would have loved to sit down with Lester and ask him all kinds of questions about the method, life, freedom and how to get it for yourself. Lester is working with a group of graduates in California in 1974 and was answering questions. You’ll hear Lester at his best, answering the puzzling questions we all have.

Disc 1 – Looking for Happiness

Lester talks about how to help yourself go free; understanding the mind; the body is just a creation of the mind. “Being is the Now” Lester describes the ultimate security that is within all of us and should be discovered.

Disc 2 – Attachments and Aversions

Lester talks about attachments and aversions; also illness and health, “Ridding yourself of Limitations” Lester talks about looking and finding happiness,

Disc 3 – Communication and Love

Lester answers questions about some of the biggest puzzles of mankind. “Beingness Never Changes” Lester answers questions from graduates about what it feels like just being you beingness.

Disc 4 – About Releasing

Lester answers questions about the method from a group of new comers. “Demonstrates Imperturbability” When new comers try to control Lester – you’ll see how he handles it. If you weren’t sure about Lester, you’ll be amazed at how he handles people trying to control him.

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