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Cal Banyan - 5 Path Hypnosis Training1CAL BANYAN – 5 PATH HYPNOSIS TRAINING

List of Handouts for Each Hypnosis Training Video

Handouts for Hypnosis Training Video 1

1. 5-PATH Structural Overview
2. The Continuum of Fear
3. All Feelings are Good
4. Feelings and What They Indicate
5. Overview of Phase I: Direct Suggestion
6. Post-Hypnotic Suggestion for Re-induction

Handouts for Hypnosis Training Video 2

7. Post-Hypnotic Suggestion Using Red
8. Time Distortion Suggestions for Convincer of Post Hypnotic Suggestion
9. Eye-Lock Test
10. Elman-Banyan Rapid Hypnotic Induction
11. Elman-Banyan Rapid Hypnotic Induction (Large Print)
12. Short Elman Hypnotic Induction
13. Over Eating Rut
14. Nail Biting Script
15. Stopping Premature Ejaculation
16. The Three Mental Powers
17. Four Important Things We Do In
18. Post-Hypnotic Re-Induction Patter
19. Universal Script: Take the High Road to Success
20. What Clients Need To Say to Get Their Stop Smoking Certificate

Handouts for Hypnosis Training Video 3

21. Powerful Two Session Approach Smoking Cessation Using 5-Path, A Universal

Approach To Hypnotherapy

22. Stop Smoking (Patter)
23. Model of the Mind (Pre-Talk Handout)
24. 5-PATH Tapes 1-5: Things To Watch for and Learn As Calvin Banyan Conducts the First Four Phases: Direct Suggestion, Age Regression, Forgiveness of Others and Forgiveness of Self (Put this handout where you can find it. You will need it again. NOTE: TAPE 3: Phase III Forgiveness of Others Therapy (Mohamed) was not shown or discussed during this 3-day class to save time and because of audio problems with that tape.)
25. Like Water Off A Ducks Back
26. 5-PATH Overview: Phase II Age Regression

Handouts for Hypnosis Training Video 4

26. How a 5-PATH Practitioner Can Succeed In Helping Children with Hypnosis
27. Phase II: Age Regression Outline
28. The Key to Successful Hypnotherapeutic Age Regression: Identifying the Initial Sensitizing Event (ISE).
29. The Twelve Keys to Successful Age Regression Sessions

Handouts for Hypnosis Training Video 5

30. Moving Your Client Along When In Age Regression?Without Leading or Emerging

Handouts for Hypnosis Training Video 6

No handouts were given during this video. The entire video is dedicated to understanding and demonstrating hypnotic age regression techniques!

Handouts for Hypnosis Training Video 7

31. 5-PATH Overview: Phase III
32. Ten Keys to Forgiveness
33. Phase III: Forgiveness of the Person Who Hurt You the Most

Handouts for Hypnosis Training Video 8

34. Overview of Phase III: 5-PATH Forgiveness of Others (FOO) (Has lines drawn to show the circular cycle.)
35. Transcript of Phase III of the 5-PATH Videotapes. (Transcript of a video not viewed in class because of time restraints and problems with the audio on that tape.)
36. Forgiveness Form (Phase III and IV)
37. To Forgive, Or Not To Forgive: Does Forgiveness Make For Good Therapy?
38. 5-PATH Overview: Phase IV
39. Phase IV: Forgiveness of Self

Handouts for Hypnosis Training Video 9

40. The Young Carpenter: A Story for Inner Strength.

Handouts for Hypnosis Training Video 10

41. 5-PATH Overview: Phase V
42. Phase V: Parts Mediation Therapy
43. 5-PATH and Parts Mediation Therapy: Working with Secondary Gain

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Cal Banyan - 5 Path Hypnosis Training2

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