[Download Now] The Social Man – Obsession Triggers

[Download Now] The Social Man – Obsession Triggers

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[Download Now] The Social Man – Obsession Triggers


The Social Man - Obsession Triggers

The Social Man – Obsession Triggers




Today is the DAY.

At this very moment, over 347,000 men are hitting this page, in hopes of grabbing one of the 500 copies of The Obsession Triggers that are being released.

But let’s forget about them right now and focus on YOU.

Do you have women pulling you into the bathroom on dates, so hungry for sex that they can’t even wait to get home with you?

Do you have groups of 9’s and 10’s blowing up your phone, begging for you to reply to them, and pleading for just one night with you?

Are you able to walk up to any woman you want, casually drop just a few innocent words into the conversation, and trigger instant, overwhelming horninesss for you?

If not, then you want to read every single word on this page.

Here’s why: I’m about to tell you about a seduction discovery SO POWERFUL that it was almost locked away, for the safety of women everywhere. What makes this breakthrough so beastly is that…

  • It gives you the power to easily pull girls 99% hotter than most men will ever get close to…
  • Using a very simple (but overpowering) set of “trigger phrases” that are biologically proven to penetrate the minds of gorgeous women, so that…
  • 9’s and 10’s become ravenous, hungry and IN HEAT for you… pursuing your cock, and your approval, like laser-guided missiles locked on target.

And now, after months of anticipation and excitement, 500 seats to this astonishing new seduction technology are being released, as you read these very words.

 /></p><p>And <strong>if you’re SERIOUS about banging the </strong><em><strong>hottest</strong></em><strong> women</strong>, and <u>being the guy who has </u><em><u>complete control and choice</u></em> of who he spends his days and nights with, then let me explain what’s going on.</p><p>FIRST: if you <em>haven’t</em> been following along with the 347,000+ men on Christian’s private email list, and you <em>don’t</em> know what The Obsession Triggers are, then check out these three messages from guys in his “test group.”</p><p>These are just a few stories from the “wall of fame” of guys just like you.</p><p>And they’re just a <em>few</em> of the reasons that you should at least <em>listen</em> to me.</p><p><u>Ordinary guys just don’t get results like this</u>. <strong>It’s a BIG DEAL to have these sorts of experiences</strong> within just a FEW DAYS of getting access to a training program.</p><p>And if you thought these guys had some crazy experiences…</p><h3>“LET ME TELL YOU HOW I DISCOVERED THESE POWERFUL OBSESSION TRIGGERS”</h3><p>My name is Jason.</p><p>I’m 38, but I look and sound like I’m 19… and not in a good way. More than one person has compared me to a hobbit.</p><p>And I’m not exactly killing it financially, either… I’m a videographer.</p><p>But about a year ago, I came across a Craigslist ad that changed my life forever. It read:</p><p>“Videographer Needed. Highly Sensitive Work.”</p><p>It went on to read that the videographer would be shooting a private event, where men who sucked with women would be coached into smooth Don Juan’s.</p><p>This sounded too good to be true, especially because <strong>I’d just been publicly shamed by a guy who banged my crush</strong>..</p><p>…less than an hour into <em>my</em> date with her.</p><h3>“IT ALL STARTED WITH MY PERFECT, SLUTTY ANGEL”</h3><p>Her name was Emily. We worked together at a little production company, and she was just PERFECT for me.</p><p>For one thing, she was really smart. Our conversations always flowed so naturally, and she even told me that she didn’t use snapchat or instagram, and preferred reading.</p><p>She had a lot of photos of her family on her desk… huddled around the Christmas tree, taking vacations together.</p><p>When I was admiring them one day, she told me that “family is everything.”</p><p>Oh yeah… and <strong>she was as hot as an afternoon in the desert.</strong></p><p>A face that could be sweet as a kitten or dirty as a dominatrix… kind of like Jessica Alba.</p><p>And even though she was 29, she had the body of a 21 year old… perfect c-cup breasts, trim waist, juicy round ass… even her thighs were luscious and tight and trim.</p><p>I’d known her a few months, and finally got her to agree to a drink at a local watering hole.</p><p>Thing is, <strong>I’m an introvert, and words never came easy</strong>, so I’m pretty sure I messed it up from the moment I saw her.</p><h3>“THE FIRST WORDS OUT OF MY MOUTH WERE LIKE A RIPPLING, SMELLY FART”</h3><p>“Hey Emily, you look so hot… I mean, like… you really did yourself up… wait no I’m sorry, it’s just, you look… <em>nice</em>.”</p><p>She looked at me like I was a slightly retarded child drooling on her… with a mix of sympathy and disgust.</p><p>“Ummm, I’m gonna go grab us some drinks.” I said, trying to recompose myself.</p><p>Five minutes later, I was <em>still</em> waiting for my damn drinks amongst guys who were flashing big bills at the bartender…</p><p>Only to look back, and see <strong>some random bro chatting up Emily!</strong></p><p>Thing is, he looked like a total loser… just a dirty, overweight bro, so I didn’t think much of it, and he didn’t stick around for long.</p><p>But when I returned with the drinks, Emily kept shooting glances in his direction…</p><p>And it was a real-time nightmare.</p><h3>“AND IT JUST KEPT GETTING WORSE…”</h3><p><strong>I felt myself losing her</strong>, and becoming more insignificant, with every word that came out of my mouth.</p><p>I wracked my brain for something, <em>ANYTHING,</em> to say and keep her into me, but I think <u>she could feel the desperation</u> in my words.</p><p>Even worse, that random bro must have picked up on her wandering glances, because he walked <em>right</em> our conversation… as if HE had been the one to ask her out!</p><p>I was fuming inside. I soon found myself walled off… standing there like an <em>embarrassed five year old.</em></p><p>I had to do something to get her attention back.</p><p>“Hey, Emily… uhh… let’s go get another round.”</p><p>She looked down at her glass and said “Uhh, sure Jason, I’d love another drink… I’ll just wait for you here, ok?”</p><p>I started the night unsure, but now?</p><p><strong>I felt completely powerless.</strong></p><p>Even worse, when I returned with her drink, Emily had disappeared!</p><h3>“HOW COULD SHE JUST WALK AWAY FROM ME LIKE THAT???”</h3><p>I bit my lip and lowered my head in shame.</p><p>Every insecurity inside me came flooding out.</p><p><strong>What the hell did I screw up this time?</strong></p><p>Why can’t I ever think of things to say?</p><p><strong>Why wasn’t I better with women?</strong></p><p>Why doesn’t being a nice guy ever work?</p><p><strong>Why do other guys have it so easy?</strong></p><p>I guzzled my drink, then Emily’s, and pretty quickly realized that I had to piss like a racehorse.</p><p>But the bathroom line was crazy long for some reason, and everyone waiting looked annoyed.</p><p>Some dude started banging loudly on the bathroom door, and another yelled “Hey, let the poor guy dump in peace!”</p><p>We all laughed…</p><h3>“THEN A HORRIBLE THOUGHT CROSSED MY MIND”</h3><p>“No… not in a <em>million years</em>.”</p><p>But as the bathroom door open, I saw Emily walk out of it.</p><p>She was beet red and her hair was a mess…</p><p>And following RIGHT behind her was the God damned bro she’d been talking to!</p><p>Whistles and woots erupted from the line, but <strong>I felt like vomiting</strong> as she walked by me, refusing to make eye contact…</p><p>The bro noticed me too. He had a smug look on his face, and as he passed by me, he leaned in and mouthed some words I’ll never forget…</p><p>“Sorry homes, but she was ripe for the picking… didn’t take more than a few words to get those legs to spread like hot butter on toast. Better luck next time.”</p><h3>“NOW I <em>DEFINITELY</em> FELT LIKE THROWING UP”</h3><p>Because the “right words” were the <em>last</em> thing I knew.</p><p>I was tired of feeling this powerless, unwanted…</p><p>Tired of feeling like every single time I’d talk to a girl, the clock was fast forwarding to my next rejection.</p><p>I was seriously depressed for the next three months. It was so painful to see Emily that I quit the production company, and started freelancing.</p><p>What made it even <em>worse</em> was the a lot of the jobs I was getting were weddings…</p><p><u>Every damn time</u> I had to see a happy couple sharing the best day of their lives, it made me feel like even <em>more</em> of a loser.</p><p>So you can probably understand why that Craigslist ad to film the “Don Juan coaching” had me excited.</p><p>I responded, and after a few emails with an assistant, I had a call with the guy who was going to be running the event.</p><p>His name was Christian, and even though I was a little intimidated at first, he couldn’t have been nicer.</p><h3>“TALKING TO HIM WAS MY FIRST GLIMPSE OF HOPE IN MONTHS”</h3><p>As he looked through my demo footage, he told me how <strong>he’d had awful social anxiety</strong> for most of his life, and had been <strong>painfully humiliated</strong> by a few women, and <strong>even cheated on</strong> by two girlfriends.</p><p>He said that it got so bad that he devoted his life to understanding women, because he was a family guy at heart, and he wanted to find the right girl to settle down with.</p><p>I felt like I was talking to a guy who knew EXACTLY what I’d been through…</p><p>And better yet, he had <em>exactly</em> what I wanted.</p><p>He spent five years dating beautiful women and having fun, and eventually got married to girl who, in his own words, “is the best woman I’ve ever met, and probably way too hot for me.”</p><p>Now here’s the thing: <em><u>Christian discovered WAY more</u></em> that just how to find a great girl to settle down with.</p><h3>“WHAT HE DISCOVERED SOUNDED LIKE A “HOLY GRAIL” OF SEDUCTION”</h3><p>Christian discovered …and he was going to teach some guys… <strong>the </strong><em><strong>exact</strong></em><strong> lines and phrases to get women to become </strong><em><strong>completely </strong></em><strong>obsessed with you and fall in love with you</strong>.</p><p>He called them <u>“Obsession Triggers.”</u></p><p>And two days later, I got an email from Christian’s assistant: I was hired!</p><p>As for what I learned at the event itself… it absolutely BLEW my mind.</p><p>Think girls who you just met, <strong>going down on you to impress you</strong>…</p><p><strong>Smooth, effortless conversations</strong> where you only have to say a few simple, innocent words…</p><p>Girls you know <strong>dying to see you</strong> on Friday nights…</p><p><u>That’s all just a small taste of what happens once you learn the Obsession Triggers</u>.</p><p>I’d always dreamed of having something like the Obsession Triggers to make women fall in love with me.</p><p>“And Now, I Had A Front Row Seat To The</p><p>Biggest Seduction Breakthrough… EVER!”</p><p>It seemed like Christian had an Obsession Trigger for every step of the game.</p><p>From meeting her to messaging her…</p><p>To getting her so obsessed with you that she asks to be YOUR girlfriend.</p><p>Something that I always sucked at was <strong>how to make a girl pursue </strong><em><strong>me</strong></em><strong>…</strong> it felt like I was always working for <em>her</em>…</p><p>But I figured that out once Christian gave me his “Fantasy Stack Trigger”.</p><p>Now I have more dates than I can even go on, and I never get rejected when I ask a girl out.</p><p>They’re so simple but so effective…<strong>even for guys like me who aren’t extroverted or clever</strong>.</p><p>Christian wouldn’t have even discovered them otherwise – he struggled with social anxiety his whole life.</p><p>In fact, he regularly went to a therapist for help with his shyness and insecurity!</p><h3>“BEFORE DISCOVERING THIS, HE WAS REPULSIVE TO WOMEN.”</h3><p>It was almost impossible for Christian to get anywhere with women, and he was about to give up… until he read a strange article that changed <em>his</em> life forever.</p><p>Have you ever been in a bookstore and seen those small, thick books with ripped, shirtless dudes on the cover?</p><p>You know, those trashy sexual romance novels?</p><p>Well guess what.</p><p>That’s called Literotica, and it’s basically female masturbation material.</p><p>In fact, <strong>I’d bet that almost every girl you know uses those books to get herself off</strong>.</p><p>And just like how porn has some <em>really</em> freaky videos…</p><p>Some of Literotica’s most popular stories have equally shocking and disgusting plots…</p><p>Even weirder, the authors are <em>women themselves.</em></p><p><img data-src=

If you’ve heard of that book Fifty Shades of Grey, that’s Literotica, and that book alone has sold over 100 million copies!

As Christian discovered, these literotica books tap into the deepest, most primitive parts of a woman’s brain…

The ancient, biological programming that’s embedded inside her DNA, or what Christian calls her “obsession story”.

It’s basically the same as us guys being attracted to women with big boobs and hourglass figures… our DNA programs us to want women who have these traits.

And just like you’d be damn near helpless to resist a Victoria’s Secret model who walked up to you at a bar, grabbed your package, and said “I want your dick, and I want it NOW…”

…a woman’s DNA commands her to fall in love with men who do and say certain things.

It doesn’t matter if the guys are super jacked bad boys, big fat dynamos, or slender, mysterious outcasts… there are LOTS of different leading men in Literotica…

…but what remains the same are the simple things they do and say that tap into the female “obsession story.”

and that’s why women spend as much money on literotica as men spend on pornography.


Once Christian discovered this, he turned into a “Mad Scientist of Literotica.”

He purchased dozens of the most popular literotica books.

He read them until his eyes bled, dug deep into every single story… until he finally connected all the dots.

And he ended up creating a step-by-step system on how to get a girlfriend using what he learned from Literotica.

His system teaches guys about dates, texts, how to be the guy who women want…

It’s literally the step-by-step way to tap into a woman’s obsession story and make her fall in love with you…

And I had no clue about this before meeting him, but he’s had over 100,000 customers who have girlfriends now because of his course!

At first, Christian was thrilled.


Christian received thousands of messages from men all over the world who bought his course, and who finally found themselves in happy relationships.

But as the course became more popular, controversy erupted.

Feminist groups took up arms against him… angry as a swarm of killer bees that Christian would dare reveal anything dark or vulnerable about the “precious” female mind.

 /></p><p><img data-src=

Sniffing a story full of red meat, the media got onboard, and after a Huffington Post hit job, all hell broke lose…

Christian was bombarded by calls, emails and even protestors at his house… it was nonstop harassment by a frenzied mob of feminists and their beta male cucks.

Needless to say, Christian was deeply upset by this.

He’d devoted his life to understanding women, and what he’d discovered had led him to the love of his life… and to thousands and thousands of happy relationships for other men… and this was the thanks he got?

So did he back down and apologize?

Heck no!

Because not only was his course helping thousands of men land the women of their dreams…


…material so overwhelming that he felt a moral obligation to leave it out of his Girlfriend System course.

You see, when Christian purchased all of those literotica books, he didn’t walk into a bookstore and come out with a huge stack…

Nope. He went onto Amazon.Com, and simply downloaded the top 100 or so directly on his Kindle.

Now here’s what’s interesting: when you read a book on an Amazon Kindle, you can “highlight” phrases and sentences.

But get this: Amazon keeps track of all of every single highlight that you, and every other reader of the book are making.

And if a certain phrase or sentence gets enough highlights, it becomes a “popular highlight” that shows up, with a little dotted line under it, for everyone who reads the book.

 /></p><p>So while Christian was reading these books, he kept track of all the popular highlights…</p><p>And specifically, the popular words or phrases that the <em>male characters</em> in the books said.</p><h3>“THESE WORDS WERE BEING FED DIRECTLY <strong>FROM</strong> THE MINDS OF WOMEN… <em>INTO</em> AMAZON’S DATABASES…</h3><h3>AND <u>DIRECTLY ONTO CHRISTIAN’S KINDLE</u>”</h3><p>That’s right – <strong>Christian discovered the Obsession Triggers from the </strong><em><strong>exact</strong></em><strong> words that women themselves had highlighted</strong>, in the most popular Literotica books.</p><p>But let’s be clear: it wasn’t just a simple line or two from Fifty Shades of Grey.</p><p>Christian created a spreadsheet of thousands of these lines, putting them into categories like…</p><p>“say this when you meet her”</p><p>or “say these when she’s not certain about you”</p><p>or “say this when you want to turn her on”.</p><p>He went through each category, because he was looking for patterns…</p><p>Were there any <em>exact</em> words that were always highlighted?</p><p>Or was there a common theme in all of the phrases?</p><p>Over the course of several months, <strong>he began to test them, and the results were scary.</strong></p><h3>“I’VE NEVER SEEN WOMEN GET SO OBSESSED, SO FAST”</h3><p>As Christian told me on our first call, “I had to put them away man… it just felt too powerful, too manipulative.</p><p>“Sure, I’d pull one out now and again when it was midnight at the bar and I just wanted to take a random hottie home, but on a girl I liked… no way man. “</p><p>“It didn’t feel right to me… using these Obsession Triggers was like controlling a puppet by its strings, and that just felt wrong when I really liked a girl. <strong>I’ve never seen women get so obsessed, so fast.”</strong></p><p>Of course, when he told this to me, I had two thoughts.</p><p>The first was that this <em>must</em> be bullshit. I mean, it all made sense, but come on… did these triggers <em>really</em> exist?</p><p>And the second was that if they <em>did</em> exist, <strong>I would have absolutely NO problem using them…</strong> not with all the awful luck I’d had MY whole life.</p><p>My curiosity was blazing…</p><p>“So wait, Christian… this event you want me to film, you’ll be revealing the Obsession Triggers at it?”</p><p>His reply was like a gift from heaven.</p><h3>“YOU WON’T JUST BE LEARNING THE TRIGGERS… YOU’LL WATCH ME COACH GUYS INTO USING THEM ON SOME STUNNING WOMEN”</h3><p>“Haha yeah man… but I’m not just revealing them. I’m going to bring in a few guys who are struggling with women, and a few of my hot female friends, and I’m going to coach the guys through using them on the girls.”</p><p>“I want to make sure that <strong>anyone who sees this footage knows </strong><em><strong>exactly</strong></em><strong> how to use these triggers.</strong>”</p><p>“Think of it this way Jason: you know how women become captivated by tall guys with rockstar looks? It’s because something in her body… in her brain and deep inside her <em>biology</em> has been triggered.”</p><p>“Now most guys think that looks and money are the only things that can trigger a woman, but as these literotica books showed me… and as I proved to myself… that’s just not true. Certain words and phrases can do it too.”</p><p>“You’ve just got to slip these Obsession Triggers into a conversion. If you do that within the first sixty seconds, you’ll trigger her.”</p><p>“Then you’ll typically slip a few more triggers into a standard “where are you from, what do you do” conversation, and <strong>watch as her eyes widen… her hips start swaying… you can literally see her getting turned on in real time</strong>, it’s really fun to see it happening.”</p><p>“Fifteen minutes in, you can grab her number, or if it’s late at the bar or on a date, she’s usually good to go right there.”</p><p>“Some girls need a little more time… like 30 minutes tops, and you’ve just got to drop in a few more triggers.”</p><h3>“IT’S SO EASY THAT IT’S PRETTY MUCH UNFAIR”</h3><p>“It’s so easy that it’s pretty much unfair… half the time, the girl ends up making the move on you. I had a girl flat out lunge at my face one time… <strong>she just started making out with me about a half hour into a date, and rubbing my crotch under the table</strong>. She was a wild one, I never would have guessed it.”</p><p>I could barely stifle my enthusiasm, but I had a disturbing thought. What if he decided not to film it after all? What if these secrets went to the grave with him?</p><p>“Wait, Christian… so why are you recording this? You already said how powerful these were, and that you didn’t want them to get out.”</p><p>Christian’s answer left me excited and reassured…<strong> </strong>and just a few weeks later, I was in his living room filming each and every Obsession Trigger.</p><p>There were nine clients there, each of them paying $5000 to learn the triggers live from Christian, while my camera rolled.</p><p>First, Christian would have each of them approach a gorgeous 10/10 friend of his, and try to have a simple conversation.</p><p>I laughed to myself when they first started without the Triggers – these guys were blowing out hard!</p><h3>“WITHOUT THE TRIGGERS, AVERAGE GUYS DIDN’T STAND A CHANCE WITH WOMEN LIKE THIS!”</h3><p><img data-src=

Boyd was tall, handsome, the kind of guy you’d glance at and think “Man, this guy probably gets all the women he can handle.”

Yet he had deep insecurities, and thought he was, “you know, pretty average.” His words, not mine.

The first time he approached the gorgeous model Rey, he choked so hard that we joked we’d have to perform CPR on him.

But once Christian gave him and the other guys the Obsession Triggers… right before my eyes, I saw that these stunning women were falling in love!

In just a few short hours, Boyd went from a bumbling idiot, into the perfectly smooth, funny, charismatic, seductive man who was able to snag a woman’s number in five minutes.

Right after the first night of filming, the guys and I went to a popular bar called James Beach.

It’s a hotspot in Venice, California, where Christian lives, and it was full of women who were completely out of my league, and a mix of rich guys, and really good looking surfers.

I immediately felt in over my head… my pulse started racing, and my throat began to dry up… but I used Christian’s “mind hack” to calm my nerves, and felt my pulse return to normal.


I approached an 8 at the bar, said hello, and dropped in two Obsession Triggers as best as I could remember them.

I think I was flinching, waiting for a rejection, but what do you know… she lit right up, and turned her whole body to face mine!

I didn’t go home with her that night, but I did take her number, and she pulled me in to make out with me when I left!

And I reminded myself there were still two whole days of the event to watch and record.

During the second day, I wrote down a few of the phrases word for word… and I already knew that they’d work better than any lame pick up artist routine, opener, or dating hack I’d ever seen before.

I went back to James Beach, feeling a little more confident this time around.

The girl I met later that night – a 9 by ANYONE’S standards – got crazy hooked on me!

I used the an Obsession Trigger I learned that day, and she soon introduced me to her friends, then took me to an isolated corner of the bar.


She told me she was an Instagram model and showed me her account… she had over 250,000 followers, and some of the hottest pictures this side of the sun!

I felt intimidated when she showed me all the guys who messaged her on Instagram, but I tried not to let it show as I dropped a couple more triggers into our conversation…

Then around eleven, she grabbed the collar of my shirt and whispered in my ear “I’m tired of this place…let’s get out of here.”

We went back to her place and she POUNCED on me…

And while cuddling in bed after, she asked me, “You just say all the right things… why haven’t I met a guy like you before?”


I showed up to film the third day with a coffee and two cans of Monster… I was dying to learn the rest of the Obsession Triggers, and I knew I’d need some caffeine to get through the day.

A few hours in, I texted my friend Sarah what her plans were for the night, and slipped some of the Day 3 Obsession Triggers into our conversation.

She was another girl I was in the friendzone with… a wedding photographer I worked with a few times, who was DEFINITELY out of my league.

But I figured, why not really test these Triggers?

By the time I finished filming, I saw three missed messages from her, asking me if I wanted to meet up that week… “or maybe even tonight if you’re not too busy??

I decided to push it, so I told her it’d been a long weekend, but that she could come over to my place for a late night drink.

Well I’ll be damned, she went for it!

And when she was riding me in bed later that night, she kept saying the craziest, hottest things…

I’ll never forget when she screamed “Oh my God, Jason, I needed your d*ck so bad!”

Let me tell you, that night was pure ecstasy.

But it wasn’t just me…


Our morning recaps were full of stories about how women had responded to the Obsession Triggers.

And sure, I was the lowly camera guy, but for once, it felt like I was part of the cool group of guys… the guys who knew what was up, the guys who got laid like it was easy…

…because, well, it finally was!

Once I edited the footage, Christian opened it to a very small test group: 40 of his online clients, who each agreed to pay $499 for the material.

These were guys of all different backgrounds who’d bought his Girlfriend System course and improved their results with women, but hadn’t yet achieved all they wanted.

Some were barely out of high school.

Others were recently divorced, and had been out of the game for awhile.

When Christian heard back from these “hard case” clients, he knew that these Obsession Triggers had earned the right to be distributed to a wider audience.

And that’s what this letter is for.


You see, Christian recently became a married man, so he’s retiring from being a dating coach.

And as his final parting gift, he decided to release these Obsession Triggers to 500 men, with some strict limits.

First, he’s only releasing the training to 3 men per zip code.

That’s his way of rewarding the men who take fast action… if that’s you, you can rest assured that you won’t have dozens of other guys using these triggers nearby, or competing for the same girls with this powerful seduction technology.

Second, he’s requiring clients to sign a digital nondisclosure agreement, and he’s applying a digital watermark to the training videos.

As you know, this material is extremely powerful, and Christian does not want it shared widely.

So if there is a spot available for you, then you will have to agree to take it to the grave with you.

Sure, Christian expects you to share it with a buddy or two, but you absolutely must not publish or share it elsewhere.

And the digital watermark on the video ensures that if someone were to leak it, they can and will be tracked down.


This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, so if you’re ready to know all of the exact Obsession Triggers and words that are proven to make women want you…

If you’re ready to finally know exactly what to say to the most beautiful woman, to get her crazy for you…

If you’re ready to have your choice of beautiful women and the ability to hand pick the “Dream Girls”, the perfect 10’s of the world…

This is your only shot to learn every single one of Christian’s Obsession Triggers, ripped straight from the pages of the Literotica that has turned hundreds of millions of women on.

Once you learn the Obsession Triggers, you’ll have the power to make women fall absolutely in love with you, with just a few simple words.

A woman won’t notice anything different about what you say… but all of a sudden, she’ll be gushing with desire for you and realizing that you’re the man she’s been waiting for her whole life.

And it’s all because the Obsession Triggers are the words that activate her deepest passions, fantasies and desires.


Millions of women are chained to their Literotica books night after night, waiting the whole day to get their fix of the Obsession Triggers.

But now instead of going to a book on their bed stand…they’ll be getting their fix from YOU.

You’ll see for yourself how fast women go from uninterested to absolutely hooked on you, just by saying these Obsession Triggers.

And the best part is the Obsession Triggers do all the work, so it doesn’t matter what you look like, or how old you are.


Delivery Method


– After your purchase, you’ll see a View your orders link which goes to the Downloads page. Here, you can download all the files associated with your order.
– Downloads are available once your payment is confirmed, we’ll also send you a download notification email separate from any transaction notification emails you receive from courselamps.com.
– Since it is a digital copy, our suggestion is to download and save it to your hard drive. In case the link is broken for any reason, please contact us and we will resend the new download link.
– If you cannot find the download link, please don’t worry about that. We will update and notify you as soon as possible at 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM (UTC+8).

Thank You For Shopping With Us!