[Download Now] Mike Mandel – Personal Development Academy

[Download Now] Mike Mandel – Personal Development Academy

[Download Now] Mike Mandel – Personal Development Academy

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[Download Now] Mike Mandel – Personal Development Academy


Mike Mandel - Personal Development Academy

It’s a complete video training program. There are 64 HD videos broken down into 4 training modules. Each video teaches you one important concept, tool or skill to apply towards your constantly improving life.

Here’s What You Get:


Module 1: The Basics of Personal Empowerment (11 videos). This module teaches you how to manage your state of mind. You’ll learn how to call the most effective state for the job into the “executive function” of your brain. Be more positive and get more of what you want in life.

Learn how to ask yourself the kinds of questions that empower you rather than keep you stuck. You also learn Mike’s incredible “Mandel Triangle” to build confidence, congruence and intention.


Module 2: The Art of Influencing Others (23 videos). This module is all about verbal language AND body language. Discover the power language words that influence others, as well as an entire section on body language to be more charismatic and powerful.

Mike Mandel is known for teaching this stuff to corporate audiences and in private trainings such as the mastermind group run by New York Times Best Selling Author Neil Strauss, who’s students LOVE this training.


Module 3: Change Your Life by Changing Yourself (17 Videos).This builds upon your ability to communicate effectively with yourself and correct old, negative messages and change them or replace them altogether with new, empowering internal programming.

A big part of this section is a complete lesson on how to elicit your key values, which drive your behaviour … and they also drive changes in your behaviour once you realize what your current values are.


Module 4: Advanced Personal Power Skills (13 videos). Here you’ll learn advanced techniques to create rapid, personal change. Maybe it’s kicking old habits or eliminating negative emotions that hold you back? Maybe it’s changing how you perceive parts of your life that limit you?

A proven shortcut to getting the results you want is to hire a great coach. The right coach can teach you what you need to know. Hiring a coach with Mike Mandel’s skill level and experience is obviously out of the price range of most people.

Even if Mike had time to take on more private clients, this kind of training would cost thousands and thousands of dollars.

Your Investment is a LOT Less.

I’m not going to draw this out like kind of shocking price reveal. I don’t want to waste your time.

You can grab all 64 HD training videos for a one time fee of only $197.

Maybe you already recognize that this is a total bargain … especially considering the immense talent Mike Mandel brings to the table.

But just in case, we have a TON of added bonuses for you. I won’t be shy about taking credit for this. It was all my idea. I had to convince Mike that this was a good idea. Thankfully (for you), he knows I’m usually right about this sort of thing.

All This is Included

Here’s the entire list of what you get included with your investment in the Personal Development Academy. These are products that we sell everyday on our website, and they are our gift to you.

BONUS #1 ($37 Value)

Stress Relief with Self Hypnosis product shot

Stress Relief & Self Hypnosis

This two-track audio program is by far our most popular digital download. The first track teaches you unique methods to reduce stress. It’s a conscious teaching track. The second track is an incredibly relaxing hypnosis track. Use the hypnosis track to go on a miniature vacation in your mind. Awaken feeling alert and refreshed.

BONUS #2 ($37 Value)

Stress Relief with Self Hypnosis product shot

Peak Performance with Self Hypnosis

This two-track audio program is another popular download by our customers. Track 1 teaches you incredible techniques to raise the bar on your performance. Track 2 is another amazing hypnosis track to re-program your mind towards peak performance goals.

BONUS #3 ($37 Value)

Stress Relief with Self Hypnosis product shot

Memory Power with Self Hypnosis

This audio program teaches you how to build a powerful memory. The first track teaches you simple memory techniques to memorize lists, names and numbers. It’s incredibly easy and fast to learn! Track two reinforces your new memory skills with a powerful hypnotic installation.

BONUS #4 ($67 Value)

Stress Relief with Self Hypnosis product shot

The Navigator System

Mike Mandel created The Navigator System to help you change the direction of your life in 5-second increments throughout the day. This is different from his self-hypnosis programs because you only need to install your “personal navigator” once. Then you use the system consciously (i.e. wide awake, not in trance). You’ll learn to give yourself what we call “compass statements” to steer you towards your desired outcomes and away from the stuff you don’t want.

BONUS #5 ($67 Value)

Stress Relief with Self Hypnosis product shot

Overcoming Stage Fright and Performance Anxiety

The average person is more afraid of public speaking than death. How’s that for weird? Mike Mandel and executive voice coach, Jay Miller to the rescue! This combination audio and video training gives you the keys to vocal clarity, overcoming fears and anxieties and actually learning to LOVE speaking to groups of others.

BONUS #6 ($67 Value)

Stress Relief with Self Hypnosis product shot

A Good Night’s Sleep: Effective Treatment for Insomnia and Sleep Problems

We all know that you can’t perform well if you aren’t getting sufficient, good-quality sleep. Sleep is a critical nutrient in your life! We put together this program to work both consciously (teaching track) and unconsciously (using hypnosis tracks). It’s easy to use and really helps.


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